Angel Lexi Makes the News (again)

This was in Wednesday’s paper. OK, so they got Lexi’s age wrong (but what girl doesn’t like to be thought of as younger than she is), combined what happened at more than one church, and misquoted me more than once, but hey, it’s the newspaper. What do you expect?

Newspaper Article page 1

Newspaper article

31 thoughts on “Angel Lexi Makes the News (again)

    1. He didn’t use most of what I gave him and misquoted much of that. But it was benign misquotes, easily forgiven. Had planned on saving you a copy I am getting!


  1. So Sorry for your loss. Lexi was amazing and will never be forgotten only remembered for the love she shared with you and the world. She has been welcomed to the Rainbow Bridge, and she has met up with my first bully Meathead they are running around at peace:)

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