Memory Monday: Whose Interview Is This, Anyhow?

I promised to do Memory Mondays after Lexi left for the rainbow bridge. Even though I have been following your blogs and getting smiles from them, it has been too painful to post anything, other than helping Piper from time to time. Every time I think I am beginning to heal, the wound rips wide open again. My precious husband is grieving much more quietly, but still grieving nonetheless. He has lost so much weight that his pants bag and try to slide off, and he is pulling out the clothes that fit him several years ago. We miss our little girl terribly. The house feels so empty with just Jeff and me here. Everyone else has moved on, one way or another.

It helps that it is October, with Jeff working Rocktoberfest every weekend and me accompanying him every Saturday. Even there, though, there are so many memories, as Lexi always went with us.


Last week our eight year wedding anniversary came and went, with neither of us feeling like celebrating.

So today I am determined to tell a story I promised one of Lexi’s wonderful blogging friends not long ago. It is the story of how Lexi helped me get my job at St. Luke, where she was so loved, even to the point of a memorial service after her passing. So here goes.

In the spring of 2015, the Ochs Center – Lexi and my Tuesday and Thursday job – closed up their offices. Lexi loved going there and it was quite difficult to leave that last day.

Lexi leaving ochs
Last time at the Ochs Center: I know this is our last day here. So many good memories. I don’t want to leave…

The board president told me about her church needing a part-time office administrator and said she would recommend me for the position. Happily, I got the call and scheduled an interview. The next Wednesday we celebrated Lexi’s 12th birthday at St. Timothy’s, where I worked the other three days of the week, and where Lexi usually joined me on Wednesdays and Fridays. I brought cookies and people came by my office to wish Lexi a happy birthday and to eat a cookie. That afternoon it suddenly dawned on me that my interview at St. Luke was immediately after work that day. In looking forward to celebrating Lexi’s birthday, I had completely forgotten, and it would take me an extra hour to take her home and drive back into town.  I decided I would call to see if I could bring Lexi with me to the interview. Bold move, but I was desperate. As a contingency plan, I called Jeff, who said he would meet me at the foot of Signal Mountain to take the schnauzer if they said no. I made the call, explained the situation and made my request. Unbeknownst to me, I was speaking with a volunteer. He said, “Well, we don’t usually encourage dogs at the Sunday service, but I reckon it would be ok to bring her with you to your interview.” So I did.

It was certainly providence that the three ladies who interviewed me were – and still are – dog lovers. Lexi was on her best behavior as she sniffed around the room and under the table, then, not finding any food, sat quietly beside me. The interviewers were all impressed with my resume, but I think even more impressed with Lexi. After a rather brief interview, I was offered the position with the caveat that Lexi would also come work with me.  We started work the next week. She always believed she was the reason I got the job, and I won’t be the one to argue with that.

I had been sitting while being trained on phones, but decided I could learn as much in a more comfortable position.
I (Lexi) had been sitting while being trained on the new phones, but decided I could learn as much in a more comfortable position.

22 thoughts on “Memory Monday: Whose Interview Is This, Anyhow?

  1. Awww, such a sweet memory-thank you for sharing it, Amy. So sorry you and your husband are struggling with Lexi’s loss. It takes time to heal a broken heart when such a valuable family member is at its center. Know we are all sending you pawsitive healing and loving thoughts with the hope they can somehow fill some of the emptiness. ღ

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      1. Although I only became aware of sweet Lexi last year, all the stories I heard at the church memorial, and the stories you have posted have provided many many smiles. She truly exemplified all that was good in a fur-baby. and a life well lived, if not long enough. Digital hugs from me and Sam. ღ

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      2. Lexi had a forceful personality and never passed up a chance to be part of something. I am glad you have been able to get a glimpse of our Lexi through the stories, and that you watched the service. I hope Elsa is doing well.


  2. It is so very hard when our friend has to move on to another realm without us. I truly believe we will meet again someday. That doesn’t help us that have had our hearts torn out. Lexi was a real member of the family, as such she left a big hole that can’t be filled. In time Jeff and you will work through this but it does take time. Sometimes a very long time.

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  3. What a beautiful & touching story Amy!!!!
    It is like you & Lexi were meant to be at that Church!!!
    Thank you for sharing with us.
    (I can relate to feeling adrift w/out your girl; after 23 months & even with P SH I still feel adrift over NYLABLUE…)
    Sending you ❤ LOVE ❤ & gentle {{{{hugs}}}} & **nose rubsss***
    Sherri-Ellen & Siddhartha Henry

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    1. Yes, Sherri-Ellen, I believe Lexi and I were supposed to be everywhere we have been. And I have to believe that our time at each place ended so we would be free to move on to what was next. She so loved our “next great adventures.”


  4. Lexi was a wonder-pup in many ways… and the world lost one of the really good things as she had to go…. I enjoyed the Rocktoberfest photo…. a schnauzer is the perfect addition to any bavarian feast, they are the ambassadors of munich :o)

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