All Saints’ Day

This is the first day of November, also known as All Saints’ Day. Many churches will observe this holy day next Sunday. St Luke UMC, however, chose to observe it on October 30. Prayers are said for those who have passed, especially those who have passed since this time last year. The congregation is encouraged to name their loved ones who have gone on and to come to the altar rail to light a candle for them.

All Saints' bulletin cover
A Facsimile of the All Saints’ bulletin cover

At St. Luke, besides the candles on the altar rail, a special table was set up in the middle to hold larger candles for those who left us this year. A picture and/or a memento could be left for that special loved one. I think you know where I am going with this.


I knew I couldn’t sit through this service without crying the whole time, so I asked Lexi’s favorite person at St. Luke to light the candle when the time came. I am sure this was hard for David, too, but he did this for Lexi and me.



This is the page in the bulletin from where the names were read. I do believe that no matter what happens, there is a reason. Losing Lexi in early September is one of the hardest things I have ever endured. About one and a half years ago when I got my job at this wonderful church, I never expected anything like the support I have received since that time. I am blessed to be among these loving, caring people.

30 thoughts on “All Saints’ Day

  1. I wish you could be to. Maybe I should repeat the mantra “I am a strong woman.” I have not felt that way lately. It has felt more like Lexi took my strength with her.


  2. I am so happy that you have found support and understanding within your sphere of friends and acquaintances. This has been such a hard road for you and your family. I wish so much I was closer and could talk face to face with you. Everything does seem to before a reason…time will let us know why.

    Biggest of hugs,

    PS You are a strong woman….

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  3. Lexi is probably so pleased at the impact her short life made on earth, and you are obviously very proud of her. It is wonderful that everybody is so supportive, which not only says much about the congregation, but also so much about Lexi’s legacy. 🙂

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