Sunday Market

lexi-at-marketThere was a time that Lexi loved going to The Market. That was before the operators of the TN Pavilion banned dogs “for health reasons.” I happen to know it was really because some of the vendors threatened to pull out because of dogs urinating on their goods. I guess you could call that health reasons if it was fruit and vegetables. After the ban on dogs, I refused to go, since I couldn’t take Lexi. This picture is from the fall of 2006 when Lexi was growing out her hair to play Toto. And yes, that is me with long blonde hair!

I went today with Jeff. Jeff plays alto sax in Chattanooga’s Big Band, Sweet Georgia Sound. They play at The Market in the Tennessee Pavilion in downtown Chattanooga at least twice a year. In the picture on the right, Jeff is front, far right. The band mostly plays the American Standards, and today they were honoring the veterans (Veteran’s Day is this coming Friday).

Jeff splintered the small bones in the top of his right foot about a year and a half ago and is still not able to do much ballroom dancing. Several dancers we know had claimed a couple of the tables directly in front of the dance floor, and beckoned me over to sit with them. In ballroom, everyone dances together, so I got more dancing in today than I have in ages. Jeff even came out of the band to dance a swing and a foxtrot with me!

These folks were outside the Pavilion, doing their own thing for tips, and they were good!market-music-duo


The Market is a riot of colors, smells and sounds. There is enough original artwork to open a small gallery.

Lots of arts and crafts

I had to share a picture of this original “toy” truck holding none other than Tennessee Whiskey and two Jack Daniels shot glasses. How would you like to see this coming down the road?


There were lots of food vendors and I had a delicious pulled pork sandwich with slaw and BBQ sauce. There were also baked goods, produce, honey, jewelry, soap – all homemade or homegrown – and lots more for sale. The weather was sunny and in the mid-70’s F, so The Market drew a huge crowd today.


31 thoughts on “Sunday Market

  1. Nice market…I wouldn’t go back though if dogs and cats can’t go through. If we could stroll on through…I’d hiss at every vendor. I’m getting pretty good at hissing mom said. The hiss is actually a hiss now and not a hiththt anymore.


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  2. What a fabulous market Amy!
    I love the painting of the 2 people walking along the pathway under the umbrella……
    It must have been a bit of a wrench going back w/out beloved Lexi but I feel she was there in spirit by your side!!!
    {{{hugs}}} Sherri-Ellen & **nose kissesss** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

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  3. Looks like a nice market. We have a small one that runs through the summer but we rarely make it over to it. Ballroom dancing brougth back memories – I did ballroom when I was in junior high and high school
    PugRanch Mom
    and Bailey, Hazel & mabel

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  4. We use to love going to our local farmers market but found they were getting sooo expensive – $7.00 for a loaf of home made bread ! yikes. they did allow pups though

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    • You know the U.S is so different than France about dogs because of the health laws. Like dogs are going to make us sick! People make people sick!! They should ban the wee germ carriers, not dogs, LOL. On a good note, there is a nice dog park directly behind the pavilion, so folks can go there with their dogs and still hear the bands.


    • 🙂 Thanks. If anyone ever asked me if I was going, I told them no and why not. 🙂 Yes, Lexi will send us the ones we are to have. Jeff wants 2. 🙂


  5. Our green market is relatively small. There are two produce stands and several other food related places. I enjoy going every Sunday morning. I usually come home with two large bags of goodies. I gave enough for the week and generally spend less than $10.

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    • That’s a great deal. Our vendors at the Chattanooga Market seem to charge more than the groceries, even for the same organic food. It’s still fun to walk around and see everything and oh my, the great smells. I forgot about that in the post. The herbal soaps and infusions and slow cooked pork and lots more.


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