24 thoughts on “I Voted

    • It means so much to me that both you and Chris said you would hang her picture in the Mayor’s Office. *sad smile* Too bad you can’t both be mayor. I don’t think I have ever said that about presidential candidates, and not because I am partisan.


      • I agree. Both candidates will be wonderful for Blogville. Thank you for the polling station Amy. The voting is done.

        I feel bad for you and having to vote in this presidential election. Neither one of the candidates seem like a good choice. Perhaps Christmas and Arty should have run for president of the USA. I’d vote for one of them…..granted it wouldn’t count but you get the idea.

        Jean and Shoko

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      • Yes, I would definitely rather have Arty or Christmas as U.S. president than the choice we had. It seems like everyone I know is voting AGAINST someone, not FOR someone.


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