Siamese Visitor

Look who appeared on our front porch today.

I see you but I am ignoring you in the hopes you will go away and leave me in peace.
Why are you still here?

This cat has been a “stray” in the neighborhood for at least 3 years. I learned that one of our neighbors has been feeding him/her. Isn’t (s)he a beauty? I wonder if (s)he is related to Kali and Shoko up in Canada…

27 thoughts on “Siamese Visitor

  1. What a gorgeous kitty!!! An purrhapss related to mee Cuss-innss Shoko an Kali!!!!!
    Maybee you can adopt thee kitty Lady Amy?????
    An LadyMum askss how could anyone let a Siamese bee all alone???
    ***nose rubsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

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    1. I wish I could adopt the kitty. I miss having my own kitties. But having to choose between a kittie and a very allergic husband (who has nothing against cats except they send him to the nearest emergency room) I have to choose my wonderful husband. ( I am sure you understand, Dhartha.)


    1. Me too. I heard what sounded like a terrible cat fight a few nights ago. Glad she doesn’t appear to be injured. She does seem well fed and happy enough.


    1. I was trying not to frighten her, as I want her to feel comfortable coming here. You can tell from the pictures she looks more annoyed than frightened and stayed about 30 more minutes after I walked away.

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  2. All we can say is wow!! This meezer is a beauty. Hopefully the meezer is a girl. This gal looks like she is an elder….it doesn’t get that cold in Tennesee, although when mom and dad were at Elvis’s place, there was ice all over the garden. Keep an eye on her Amy. We will ask about her occasionally.

    In response to “how often can our heart break?” Numerous times. I venture to say over and over but would you rather not have had the company of your loved one and have a smooth sailing time or give everything and have the honour of knowing you loved and were loved so much in return.

    Jean and Shoko


    1. I have only ever seen her walking down the side of the street or crossing through my backyard. Sometimes The Boy would see her across the street, and go over and pet her. This is the first time I have seen her this close. If she makes a habit of it, I will fix something for her if it gets really cold (like below freezing). I can’t bring her in because of Jeff – he would be in the emergency room.
      Yes, I guess you know as often as I say I can’t go through that again, even more is my need of canine love and companionship. It will probably be early spring when we start looking again.

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      1. I hate to think of an elderly cat out on her own but she is probably quite happy this way now. She has her normal route of places to drop in and grab some food.
        You’ll know when the time is right for you Amy. Nobody else can tell you when that time is…it is personal.

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      2. I was wondering. It’s to Lexi’s honor that you are willing to open up your heart again. You’ll know when the time is right. Bonnie and Belle came into our lives about 6 weeks after our precious Abby dog passed. I think she would have approved. Hugs Margret

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    1. I read the link…so sad. I have had to do that to with a stray I adopted as a very tiny kitten. She was my Wendy. At 3 she died of feline leukemia. I always got her shots, but never had her tested. Sometimes I wonder how many times a human heart can break and recover.

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