Piper’s Big Date

I knew Shelby had been stuck in the house with her brother and sister for 87 weeks after her surgery and was needing some peace and quiet. I thought about the beach, but Shelby was concerned about sand and bacteria getting in her incision, even if it was completely healed. So for our first date all alone, I took Shelby to a lovely little cabin in the mountains. Heck, I can hang out just about anywhere and be ok, but I wanted my girl to have some comfort and pretty surroundings. She isgirl after all, and I learned from my Mom that girls like those things.

I thought we could start with a little stroll leading up to the cabin.


We arrived just before the sun started to drop behind the trees. I was a little nervous about the cabin being nice enough.

Shelby, do you like the cabin?

Once inside, we thought we would rest in front of the TV for a while.




We watched a show, but all I could see on the TV was Shelby.. so I tried to look at some books, but again, all I could see was Shelby!



By now we were both hungry. I heard that Shelby loves mangoes, so I made sure to get some. I didn’t know if she liked her steak cooked or raw, so I had Mom pack both.



We had a big day, and with our tummies full, we started to nod off. We each went to our own bedrooms, ’cause we are good pups. However, someon started hearing things and got scared.



I might have awakened Shelby, but I felt safe I knew she was safe, and we I slept well the rest of the night.



We got up early the next morning to do a bit of fishing, then watched the sun rise over the lake. What a beautiful finish to a perfect date. I sure hope Shelby felt the same way.



Note: the graphics in this post were made possible through the help of Noodle’s Mom, Samantha.

40 thoughts on “Piper’s Big Date

    1. Hi Noodle! Wanna come play? I studied your methods with my cousin Lexi and knew I couldn’t go wrong if I imitated you, ’cause Lexi was a tough nut to crack as they say. Oh, and Aunt Amy said she still couldn’t have done it without your Mom’s help. She was ready to pull her hair out!

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  1. Reblogged this on corkscot and commented:
    I was happy for Shelby to have a second date with Piper. Lexi’s mom was instrumental in bringing the two love birds together. Poor Shelby has never scene or eaten steak before this date. The poor Corkscot Scotties live in a non meat eating house and this would be a big treat. We thank both Amy and Samantha for all of their help. We know that Noodle is missing his girl friend Lexi and it was kind of the two moms to get together for this big occasion.

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  2. What a lovely date (except for the whole “scary bump in the night”). It sounds like the start of something beautiful!!

    We sure hope Piper will bring Shelby to Dory’s 13th Birthday pawty!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

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    1. I, er, someone, got scared and er, we just had a puppy pile, like Shelby said. And I told Shelby I was sorry for kicking her in my sleep…~ Piper


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