Church Dog of the Week

Woof! It’s me, Gracie. I am staying with Ms. Amy and Mr. Jeff over Christmas while my Mom and Dad go on vacation without me. Come to think of it, they always go on vacation without me. It has something to do with flying, which I haven’t learned to do yet.

    I still have to travel by car.

Speaking of flying, that reminds me of wings which reminds me of Angel Lexi, who earned her wings almost four months ago. Ms. Amy left my food dish at work today, so I get to honor Lexi by eating my supper out of her green food dish tonight.

Speaking of work, I have earned the title Church Dog of the Week. Wouldn’t Lexi be proud? I went to work with Ms. Amy yesterday and was minding my own business when this appeared in the doorway to our office:Odin

Jiminy Cricket! This beast was HUGE! He looked like he could have swallowed me in one big chomp. I was mightily afraid for awhile, but then got a bit curious why this beastie was sporting the GQ look. Maybe he wasn’t a bad sort after all. So I thought, OK, I can try to share church space with him, even if I didn’t want to be BFF’s, if you know what I mean. After a while, all that tension of trying to not let the beastie be my bestie wore me out.

Gracy in her bed
               Dreaming I’m in a land far, far away.


Odin 2

Yep, Odin was still there when I woke up. Eventually he went in the office with his Momma and left me alone so I could help Ms. Amy get her work done.

When I went to work again today I got the best reward! There were 87 gazillion little peoples downstairs and they all wanted to pet me and kiss me. I ran between them and wiggled and kissed them back for what seemed like hours, until I got totally worn out. Lots of big people came in to see me today too, and I greeted everyone with tail wags and wiggles and they all loved me, too. I think I saw more people today than I have all year long. Good thing my bed is there so I can rest. Lexi never told me what hard work it is to be the church dog. Finally, it was time to go home.

Gracy-coat-church hall
      I’m ready Ms. Amy. Are you coming?

I’ll say goodnight for now. I need to get my rest so I can get up again tomorrow and do it all again.

Kisses and wiggles,

24 thoughts on “Church Dog of the Week

  1. Sweet adorable, Gracy. Congrats on being the church dog. No doubt Angel Lexi approves. We kinda like Odin and think playtime with him could be a hoot! Happy howlidays, sweet pup. Enjoy your time with Ms. Amy and Mr. Jeff. No doubt they love you oodles and oodles❣️

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    1. I think they do love me ’cause I heard I am going on a trip with them. More about that later! Oh, and I am really going to have to think about this thing with Odin. He hasn’t come back since that first day. I think his Mom knew he scared me. ❤ ~Gracy

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  2. I bet Lexi would be super proud…and I love that you will spend christmas with Ms. Amy and Mr. Jeff… that’s better than any vacation I bet… and you will have wonderful howl-i-days together… I bet Odin is a nice pup… I would like to play with him….:o)

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  3. Gracie, what a wonderful vacation you are having, and to be honored as Church Dog fur the week is wonderful. Enjoy yourself and don’t be too afraid of those giant dogs…they usually are very friendly!

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    1. Hi Sadie. I will try to not be afraid if he shows up again. Hey, maybe it IS ME on vacation! I didn’t think about it like that. Thanks! ~Gracie


  4. Oh Gracie, I wonder if you and I are related!! I also don’t like big dogs, but like people PLUS, I am a black and white shih tzu!! I know Lexi would be very, very proud of you!

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  5. Hi Gracie! Oh my goodness what an awesome job you did! I ‘m sure Ms. Amy was proud of all of your hard work. I hope that maybe you will soon feel comfortable enough with Odin to play with him, he looks like he could use a friend. Sleep well sweetheart you’ve earned it.
    ~cuddles and hugs Mrs. Margret


    1. I don’t know, Mrs. Margret. I don’t want anyone having to explain to my Mom about how I got eaten at work. Maybe Piper could come and be his friend. *yawn* ~ Gracie


  6. Oh, G. I think Lexi is very proud of you taking over for her while your parents are away. You are bringing much needed smiles and giggles and cuddles to Amy and Jeff and all the church people. Well done, sweetie. You nailed it.

    Love and licks,

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  7. OMD Gracie… we are SURE that Angel Lexi would be TOTALLY proud of you fur being Church Dog fur a week… and eating from her bowl… and being Grrrreat with the Kidlets and Peeps that were there.
    You did a grand job…
    WE would have been a bit scared of that BIG GUY, too. Just sayin.

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