Purrs for Jamison

purrs4jamisonday Today we set aside a time to remember the brother of our well loved Noodle the Schnoodle, whose DNA test says he isn’t but none of us believe it. I most vividly remember the day Jamison took over Noodle’s blog without Noodle’s permission. Talk about Noodle being hot under the collar! He even brought charges against Jamison with Frankie and Ernie. The ruling was not in Jamison’s favor, and I don’t think he ever tried that again. The one thing I know for sure about Jamison is that his Mom loved him so very, very much and did everything she could to save his life. Please, if you haven’t already done so, please, please go to their gofundme account and try to help out, even if it’s just a little. Dear Jamison has crossed the rainbow bridge, but the bills are still there to be paid. Many thanks to the community for getting together to help ease that burden.

24 thoughts on “Purrs for Jamison

  1. Jamison sure did fight hard to stay with his family and his family fought twice as hard to keep him. We know Macy and Noodles miss him because they don’t understand where he is. His peeps have a wee hole in their hearts because they do understand.
    Jamison was surely greeted OTRB with many open paws.
    Hugs madi and mom

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  2. Mee-you mee lost a Borther frum another Mother (LadyMum told mee that term)….
    Mee iss still beery sad; LadyMum all so.
    Wee sended sum $money$ to Lady Samantha an hope to send a few more $ at end of month. Wee furamillee must sticky together rite Lady Amy?
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~
    Pee S: Yur bloggie post was berry sweet ❤

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  3. OH how WELL we remember THAT trial.
    Jamison was a SUPER GUY… even though he DID steal the Blog that one time. He was So well liked and will be missed somethingy Fierce.

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    1. I know, and so do you, that the bills are at the same time a large part and still such a small part of the aftermath. Thank you for always reaching out to help others.


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