Memory Monday: Angels on Earth

Lexi was two years old when I snapped this photo in 2005. I didn’t realize until later that she already had her wings! See them? Well, maybe not. But this I know: there were so many things she knew, understood and did that I could never explain. Don't I look like I have wings?
For instance, she would single out a dance student who was practicing the step  incorrectly and draw my attention to it so I could help them. And she was always right about it. How did she know?

Also, when I had her attention and visualized the sun rising and setting, she understood how many days until something was going to happen. On that morning she would get extra-excited. For instance, on Thursday night I might tell her that we were going to the opening of Rocktoberfest on Saturday, then visualize the sun rising, setting, rising. No reaction Thursday night or Friday morning, but Saturday morning she would do the really excited dog thing. How did she know?

What does your dog or cat or pig or bird do that you can’t explain?

22 thoughts on “Memory Monday: Angels on Earth

  1. Oh Amy I can so relate to how Lexi knew the days! My Bluepoint Siamese MINGFLOWER (before Nylablue) understood me like that also.
    I taught her when I said I would be back ‘soon’ I was back within an hour & she would wait by the door for me.
    If I was going out for a few hours/the afternoon I would tell her “I’ll be back in a little while”. She would go nap or play & not wait for me.
    When I was going away for 2-3 days I would tell her “I’ll be gone longtime little while” & my petsitter would come in 2-3 times a day & Mingflower was calm.
    When I went away for 2 week vacations & Mingflower was boarded at a Cattery I would tell her “I’ll be back in 14 darktime sleeps”. She did ell at the Cattery & was calm until the night before I was due back! She would ‘sing’ & pace anxiously….all day until I arrived.
    She never ceased to amaze me I can tell you!!!!
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen
    P.S.: Mingflower lived to be 18 1/2 yrs old.

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  2. They must have known that Auntie Michele was coming to visit this morning. They all went and sat by the door about 15 minutes before she arrived. This is something that they always do when I have visitors. Sidney also tells me when one of the girls does something that they should not have done. He usually goes and points to Sophie. Shelby hardly ever gets into trouble.

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  3. Hi Mrs. Amy! That was a wonderful memory of Lexi.
    I do not ring the “gotta go” chime when I have to go out but my sisters Bonnie or Belle will ring it for me. My Margret has no idea how they know when I have to go out because I don’t whine or bark and I think we’ll keep that way. ~nose nudges Bess Pup

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  4. Once I was going to one of my friend’s dance performance and I happened to be wearing the shirt, skirt, and shoes I wear while showing Chris. When I came downstairs, Chris literally FREAKED OUT thinking it was time for a dog show! When I took him out to potty before I left, he pulled like crazy towards our car, determined to go to a dog show! Dogs really do have a sixth sense.

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    1. That’s a good story. When I put my shoes on, Lexi knew we were leaving the house. (Does that mean I am a hillbilly – barefoot most of the time?)


  5. It is overwhelming to think of all the intuitiveness of my fur-kid. It is indeed humbling to know this crazy knucklehead is so smart when it comes to knowing just what to do especially when we go to visit with people at the hospital. Humbling indeed and far more comforting than anything I can say or do. Such sweet angel wings, Lexi. She knew all about her greatness early on. 💗

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    1. As we always said, “She had supreme self-confidence.” Yes therapy dogs are a special breed unto themselves. I knew someone who had to stop doing freestyle and other dog sports in a gymnasium because if their mini pin sensed someone ill or hurting or sad in the audience, he ran off the floor to that person.

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  6. That picture just makes me smile what a beautiful dog:)
    She was/is a very special dog.

    My first dog Toby was a spinger spaniel & he would lick my forehead & tears whenever I got a migraine. He would lick my forehead so hard like he was trying to push out the pain: )
    Nugget knows when my legs are aching she will curl right up into them as close as she can to give me her warmth.
    She also licks walls once in a while she will just walk up to a wall & lick it a few times??? 😀

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    1. Well, Kissie, it is inexplicable how you manage to blog. Why don’t you blog more about YOU so we can all get to know you better? I would love that.


  7. What a great picture of AngelLexi, long before she got her permanent wings. Somehow, I always know when the mailman is getting close. Out of a deep sleep, I will growl at him when he is across the street at the end of the block – not even visible from our window. I am pretty sure he is trying to kill me and I will not let it happen.

    Love and licks,

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  8. our furfriends have a lot of magic power inside… we can’t eggs-plain that, but it is there…. they have a sense for our feelings and they even have something like a crystal ball inside and can look into the future… otherwise they wouldn’t run to the door before the postman rings, right?
    I can see the green wings, you took a super photo :o)

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