From Bad to Worse by Lucy

0123171610aThis morning Amy saw bloody liquid drizzling out of my owie. She put one of her T-shirts on me and took me back to the vet. It is a long ride and by the time we got there my her shirt was soaked in bloody wetness. I was happy to be at the vet doctor’s office because they are all so nice to me. Then Amy left me and the vet people irritated my owie with a saline salute. I mean regaed it. Or gated it. Or something like that. And they closed it back together with metal things. And I am on medicine so I don’t get an insect. Or something like that. It is all because of what I did to my owie with my tongue. All of you were right. I thought I was being clever when I didn’t let Amy see that I could still lick it, even with the pretty blue donut thingy around my neck. But it seems that I was a bad girl and now I am being punished with this horrible collar of shame. I can’t sniff the ground to figure out where I want to go potty, I can’t reach my water or food, and I get stuck places. I am on sick leave from work, too, but at least Jeff will be here with me and let me sleep in his office. *sigh* I have to go back to the vet doctor this Friday. Maybe if I am real good and do everything I am told, all they will do is pet me and give me treats and tell Amy to take the collar of shame off me.0123171609-1

59 thoughts on “From Bad to Worse by Lucy

  1. Thank you Astro. She probably has the cone for another week. The incision isn’t healing as quickly as had hoped after she messed with it, and because of the vascular swelling from her estrus.


  2. Hi Lucy,
    I don’t know how I missed your welcome to blogville day.
    So welcome from me and it’s nice to meet you.
    Sorry you have the come of shame on, lets hope it comes
    off soon.

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  3. You totally deserve to be hand fed, it’s one of the perks of being royalty! I bet Amy figured out a way that you could cuddle with her. Hope you are feeling better today. ~gentle nose nudges, Bonnie

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  4. Mee-you sweet Lucy mee iss here to help!
    See mee all most died when mee was a wee 6 week old kitt! Mee an mee Brofur an Sisfur were berry sick. Mee was thee werst. So mee leerned ALOT of meddycal termss an werdss.
    ~~head rubss~~ yur furend Siddhartha Henry~~

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