Endangered Species

Angel Lexi is having a bit more fun here than she let on in her submission.


Riley – Angel Lexi’s brother – was a bit skittish around these gentle giants, but soon learned there was nothing to fear and took up their cause with gusto.
To learn about these endangered species and many more you can go to the Endangered Species Challenge created and sponsored by Blogville’s Arts and Entertainment Director, Louis the Dog Armstrong.

28 thoughts on “Endangered Species

  1. OMD MORE Proof that PEEPS Lie to us… all these years they been sayin… UNICORNS are NOT REAL… and we just saw a BUNCH of them on Whitley and Brinley’s Blog.. and NOW MORE Proof… UNICORNS are REAL…
    We love this idea that Louis D. Armstrong came up with… we Hope that Blogville’s getting the word out about Animals and Birds and Insects that are In Danger of Become EXTINCT will help to save them.

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