Memory Monday: Agility


As was the way with most things we did together, Lexi loved training and running Agility courses. No matter where we were, if she saw agility obstacles, she would go and run them. When we were learning the weave poles, the instructor told us to lead our dogs through the first pole, then to let them run straight along the side to get used to the poles. Lexi, being the precocious pup that she was, did a perfect weave first time out (with no previous training).

When we were practicing, she was very patient with me (thank you, Lexi) when I would get confused about which obstacle was next. She would simply go to her favorite – the V ramp – and run it over and over until I got my bearings.

Today, while going through a box of Valentine decorations we will use for our  Dance Class Valentine Party, I came across a forgotten memory. These are our certificates of completion for Agility 1: Foundation; Agility 2: Obstacles; and Agility 3: Sequences.

Toward the end of the Sequences Course, our turn had come at the starting line. The instructor, with timer in hand, asked if we were ready. Looking down, I said, “Are you ready, Lexi?” In answer, Lexi shot toward the first obstacle, with me a split second behind her. I faintly heard the instructor call, “I guess she was ready!” I think, if Lexi hadn’t been totally focused on her task, her reply would have been, “I was born ready.”


31 thoughts on “Memory Monday: Agility

  1. hello amy its dennis the vizsla dog aww hay wot a nice memree of yore time with lexi!!! i reemember wen i yoozed to do adjilitee with my mama that is why i git so eksited wen we wurk heer in the howse eeven tho i kannot do the running and the jumping ennymore i stil like wen mama helps me lern just like lexi did with yoo!!! ok bye

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    • Oh Dennis, you and your mama have a special relationship too. You are a happy boy when you get to learn something new! ❤ Freestyle dance worked for Lexi right up until the end since it can be as gentle as we make it.


    • It took teamwork, always with a thought of what we both liked and could do. Thankfully, our interests were mostly the same. (I didn’t like chasing squirrels.)


  2. Agility would probably be a great thing for Sweet Williams pent up energy for me I would crash and burn. Why you both got your names on the certificates. Good job Amy.
    Sweet William The Scot

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    • I don’t know why I was always surprised when my name was included in recognitions. I guess I always thought of it as Lexi doing well. But in truth, we were always a team.


  3. This post made me think that some children, as some pets, somehow know things what they shouldn’t know. I mean some children play piano like a master at the age of two, some play chess, some understand maths, and I have a feeling that Lexi was one of them, as you said, she was born ready. I just don’t know how it is possible, but it is.

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    • I couldn’t believe it when I saw them in there. I am usually much more careful about storing things in the proper place, but what a tearfully wonderful surprise.


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