Gracie Gets a Message


Is that one of my friends out there?

Hi, this is Gracie. I have been staying with Mr. Jeff and Ms. Amy for almost a week now. Today, I was sitting in one of my favorite places when Ms. Amy said something to grab my attention away from what was happening outside.



Gracie, do you want to go to work?

I was a bit disappointed that there weren’t many people there, and definitely no little people today. As a consolation, Ms. Amy took me outside during her lunch time. The sun was shining and the temperature was perfect. We took a nice walk all around the church and I got to read tons of pee mail. Some of it was old news, but it was still interesting.

Before we went back inside to do more work, I saw the message my bestie, Angel Lexi, had left for me. In case you didn’t know, this is the same sign where she was honored after she made her trip to the rainbow bridge. I thought maybe she was nearby.  I miss you, Lexi, and I am going to let my light shine.


20 thoughts on “Gracie Gets a Message

  1. Gracie you are a GOOD WORKER. Angel Lexi must be SOOOOO proud of you. Your Peeps Also.
    ALL PeeMail is worth reading and REreading… in case there have been some changes made.
    You are Methodicologicals. Our Mom is a Pressed Butt Smearian… Butt SHE says the Methods ones are Better Cookers.

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  2. Hi Gracie! I’m glad you got to go to work with Ms. Amy. Your walk looked like it was awesome too. I like your window seat, I sit by the window at our house a lot, how else are we going to know what’s going on!
    Do you like playing with Lucy?
    ~Gentle Nose Nudges, Belle Pup

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    • I might like playing with Lucy if she didn’t have what Ms. Amy calls the Cone of Destruction on her head and if she didn’t act like a Bullie Dozer. Maybe next time I come to visit…


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