Our household has had a wonderful breakthrough. Riley and Lucy are playing. Let me give you a little background on Riley and why this is so important.

I found Riley when he was 6 months old and 28 pounds. He was a happy, carefree, loving dog. Even as he matured into a 70 pound bullie/lab mix, he loved to go to the dog park and play with all the dogs. Then, one day, he got attacked by a Rottweiler and a Great Dane team. Thankfully, he wasn’t hurt. But it affected him psychologically. Ever after that, he has been not only suspicious of other dogs, but would jump them. He never hurt any of them, but we sure didn’t need someone reporting an aggressive bullie mix! Plus, I didn’t want anyone else to be psychologically damaged like Riley had been.

It should be noted that he never jumped or tried to hurt Lexi or any other “frequent visitor” at our house. He has always especially loved Piper, my schnauzer nephew. I know Lexi thought of Riley as her bothersome, younger, big brother, but never showed any signs of fear. You can see them together in the  header.

He became my son, Andrew’s, dog about 3 years ago. They are totally bonded, just like Lexi and I were. Recently, Andrew and Riley have come to stay with us for a while. I have been monitoring Riley and Lucy very carefully, as I only wanted good experiences for them both. Last night, Lucy’s sweet disposition and pleas to play finally won out. It started with them in the hallway outside my husband’s home office. Riley dropped into the play position. Lucy appropriately responded with the same posture. They went back and forth like that for about three minutes. Then they moved it to the living room where they had more room to maneuver, with Jeff following to be sure all continued to go well. These two big dogs played hard for 10 or 15 minutes until I broke it up with praises and treats. They played for a bit longer after that, when I stopped them for the night while it was still happy play. I managed to film some of it.

Today they are back at it again. They went into the fenced back yard and did the “buddy” thing – walking together, standing together, running and playing together. Lucy is thrilled to have a playmate, and even Riley seems much happier. It didn’t take me long to decide I would rather have a full heart than a clean house.

Riley and Lucy resting from hard play


34 thoughts on “Breakthrough

  1. such moments are like a miracle… and I’m so glad it happened… that’s a huge progress when a pup drops into play position after such a bad eggs-perience with that canine raiding squad at the dog park. Hugs to Riley and Lucy and a big YAY!!!

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    1. I started going to a different dog park that has no amenities, but where there is almost never anyone else. It’s about a 12 minute drive, so if someone else shows up, I leave.


  2. It was a while ago, bu my peeps took Kenzie (Westie) and Kyla (Scottie) to Home Depot. The peeps loved having them around and most other peeps looked at the Black and White dogs and smiled and a lot commented on how cute they were. One time on checkout, some ‘lady” claimed that they were “vicious dogs”, Never mind the fact that a lot of peeps in the store went our of their way to say “Hello” and asked if the terriers could be loved with petting Kylas’ attitude was “Great, whet do you have for treats?”

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  3. You can think what you will…. butt WE believe this is an example of LEXI still…. making her presence known. SHE surely directed this with her magical Paws… What a WONDERFUL thing fur ALL of you… Each and Every one of you.

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  4. Such a lovely story Amy. In the context of keeping a clean and tidy house, I used to know an elderly Dutch couple, and I remember her words to me so clearly when I asked if I should take my shoes off (when entering). She said “This house is here to serve you. You are not here to serve this house.” To me, it put a very healthy perspective on what a house really is… and a “show and tell” possession it should never be.

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  5. I am doing a little happy dance of joy here, I am so pleased to hear this great news. It’s just like me and cousin Willow at Christmas. Makes the peeps and pups HAPPY !!!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

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