Valentines and Other News

Hi, this is Lucy. Lots of news today!

I finally got those staples out of my belly, and now I don’t have to wear the Cone of Destruction at all! I even got to resume my duties as Church Dog this week.

Amy and Jeff have never ever told me I did anything wrong, so I figured I could do whatever I want. So…I have been doing my bizness in the house. It’s easier than asking to go out. The first few times, they just cleaned it up and then let me go outside and play with Riley. Then, last night, Amy scolded me for the first time. When she pointed at the “stinky pile” I laid down and positioned my face over it so she could push my nose into the stinky. She got this really sad look on her face and told me no, I just needed to go outside to potty. Also, she said I couldn’t be the Church Dog until I stopped doing this kind of thing in the house and the church. *hangs head*

Now for some good news!  Until this year, I never got to celebrate Valentine’s Day, so I didn’t know what to expect. I got a card in the mail addressed just to me!

lucy-w-v-day-card inside-of-vday-card

I don’t know who Madeline Rose is, but it still made me feel good. 🙂 Amy said it was really from some good friends I haven’t met yet. Oh boy, I can’t hardly wait to meet them!

When Riley found out about my card, he got jealous! While we were playing, he whispered in my ear.

Lucy, will you be my Valentine?
Lucy, will you be my Valentine?

And I whispered back.

Yes, Riley, I like you lots.
Yes, Riley, I like you lots.

After that, Riley taught me how to deadie my only toy.

...and then you rip off the arms.
“…and then you rip off the legs like this.”

I think maybe Riley is my boyfriend now. ❤

Love from your not quite perfect friend, Lucy


28 thoughts on “Valentines and Other News

  1. Mee-you Lucy wee iss happy thee cone iss off. Now you must do yur potty bizness outside unless you are willin to use a litterbox like wee katss do!!! Hu’manss’ do NOT like havin to cleen our stuff off thee floors mew mew mew…..
    An WOO HOO! You have a boyfurend inn Riley? That iss toe-tallee pawsum! LUV iss a wunderfull feelin an havin a speshell sumone can make yur Life just purrfect!!!!! Phoebe gurl makes mee Life so beeuteefull an sweet!
    ***nose kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxx

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    1. Hi Siddhartha Henry. I know, I don’t do potty in the house any more. Amy just had to tell me it isn’t allowed. Yes! Riley is my boyfriend! We play together every day and have tons of fun!

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    1. Hiiiiii Elsa!! I played so rough with Riley today that I came inside limping. Jeff told Amy over the phone so she wouldn’t be upset when she saw me. But I was all better by the time she got home. Yur fur-end, Lucy 🙂

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    1. I will see if Amy will do that, Kismet. But I still don’t want to be a “bad dog,” even if I don’t get a reward for doing what’s right.


  2. Oh that is so sweet… you and Riley are a super couple :o) I hope after the staples are out efurrything heals up quickly … and maybe after all that things are over you will do your business outside again… Hugs to you and potp and a lot of weimpower that you can start your church-dog job soon :o)

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  3. Yea, no more stitches or cone of destruction. That is awesome! As for the housetraining I have no doubt that you’ll master it in no time.
    By the way you and Riley look very cute together and I can tell you have fun.
    ~ Cuddles and hugs, Mrs. Margret


    1. I’ve been very good in the house today, Mrs. Margret. I wasn’t allowed to go to work and everyone missed me. Mr. Dave even brought me a BIG bag of dog bones that I didnt’ get. 😦


    1. I don’t know what a crate is, but it sounds scary. I know what to do, I just didn’t think I had to. Boy, did I ever find out different. ~ Lucy


    1. I relayed Sophie’s message and Lucy hung her head. She said she has to be next to godliness if she wants to continue in Lexi’s pawsteps and be the Church Dog. (Thanks, Sophie!)


  4. PERFECT is SO OVER RATED… and BORING… Just be your Fun Loving Self… BUTT you might want to consider using the OUTDOORS fur your potty place. It will just save you a TON of Grief.

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