24 thoughts on “Memory Monday – Lexi, the Snowdog

  1. BOL Yups I’ve had the snow dog feet, legs and tummy!! It’s fun playing in the snow isn’t it new furiend? Mom bundles me up now in long johns and a winter jacket so all she has to do is peel off the outerwear and hang them over a vent. Yups the snow monster loves to get caught in our hair doesn’t he?

    We wanted to thank you for visiting our blog and thank you for sharing your experience in having a blind pup. Mom and Dad are a little worried to be sure and a little sad that I’m so very young and going blind. This is life though and we’re not ones to cry over spilt milk. I’m loving life and a happy pup regardless and that’s all that matters to my folks.

    Again thank you for visiting us at The Fast and The Furriest. We love new furiends and we so appreciate your kind words of encouragement.

    Molly and my Mom

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    • Yes, it is sad, but once you get past that, it will just be the norm. Freda used to jump way up into my arms. After she went blind, she just jumped a little bit lower, but never stopped. Dogs are so amazing!


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