Our neighborhood, like many others , has a Nextdoor website group. In short, it is a closed group for just the neighborhood folks and surrounding areas. People can post what is going on in the area in real time: crime; items for sale; services available; questions, especially about needing help with something, such as who is the best person to contact for a service. Through Nextdoor I recently found an individual to work on my old pontoon boat’s outboard motor. I dropped it off at his house this afternoon.

My first boating dog was my precious Sammy. When he succumbed at age 11 during his second bout with cancer, I renamed the boat the Sammy Joe after him.

Lexi wanted me to rename the boat the Lexi B. However, she realized Sammy only got that honor after he had left for the rainbow bridge, so she decided she was in no hurry. Now, after losing both my precious boat dogs, I can no longer bear to take the Lexi B out on the lake. Unless the mechanic decides to buy it -his eyes lit up when I said I wanted to sell it and gave him a price – I will park the Lexi B in front of the house with a for sale sign. I’ll also put it on Nextdoor, with this photo:

And so ends another chapter – a long and fun chapter -in the story of my life.

23 thoughts on “Nextdoor

  1. Mom and Dad want to get a pontoon. I know Macy would love it but not me. Nope. I’m good being far away from water.

    It makes me sad that you can’t bear to go out on the boat anymore. Do you think that would make Lexi happy? I think you should try it. Maybe you’ll feel more connected to her out there.

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    1. Noodle, you might enjoy the ride. You could stand like a statue at the front pointing the way like Lexi did. She loved the feel of the wind, sort of like hanging your head out the car window, only it’s a whole body experience.
      I always have to hook up the trailer, back it into the water, then pull it out usually by myself. It got to be not so much fun and too much work. Besides, I would probably cry the whole time I was alone at the lake. 😦

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  2. I had to sniffle some tears away while reading your post… I understand… and I wish the Lexi B. that it gets an owner who loves it as much as you and Sammy and Lexi did…. Fair winds and following seas, Lexi B. and all our best wishes and a hug to you and Lucy…

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    1. I have considered spreading her ashes on the lake; but it wasn’t so much being in the lake that Lexi loved as the experience of being on the boat with me.


    1. Lexi didn’t seek out water, but in the right circumstances she embraced what it could do (cool) for her. Sammy loved it and would jump off and swim to the island, explore, and swim back.


  3. Amy…I am so sad for you. I know how you loved the boat and the company of Lexi. I am heartbroken for you. How does Lucy like the boat? Are there too many old memories to start anew? I know the platitudes of hope but this is a deep, deep hurt that you are stumbling through. My heart is with you.


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    1. Thank you for understanding, Jean. It is a deep hurt. Lucy is too heavy for me to pull back into the boat, and it will be too hot for her to not go in the water to cool off.


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