Angel Lexi: POTP for Sophie

This is Angel Lexi, taking back my blog tonight for an important message. The front part of the story  goes like this:

Mom groomed two schnauzers today. It was just their third time coming to Mom for grooms. Dexter is still a pup at two years. Mom got a before and after picture (he’s looking down because he is thinking about jumping off the table):

Mom likes schnauzers groomed like schnauzers, but she does what their Moms ask. (I think that’s how she gets paid.) In this case Dexter and his sister are outside playing in the woods a lot and only get groomed every three months, so I guess it makes sense to get all that hair off.

Dexter’s sister, Sophie, is nine years old. She got kinda scared when Mom tried to shave her back legs, so Mom stopped and just loved on her a while and got rewarded with a kiss on the nose. That calmed Sophie down enough for Mom to finish.  I don’t know who is the bigger sucker. Anyhow, Mom forgot to get a “before” picture, so here she is after Mom stole her hair. Yes, we schnauzers have hair, not fur. That is why we don’t make people sneeze.


Sophie has had a lot of trouble with hematomas in her ears and had to have surgery on both of them. Now she has a scary-looking tumor on the edge of her left ear. Mom was almost crying, ’cause she really, really likes Sophie and Mom is scared about the tumor. I guess that’s cause of what happened to me. Anyhow, I got called in to intervene with the Big Guy. Mom took another picture and if you look real close, you can see the tumor on the bottom part of Sophie’s ear.


It would be great if all my friends would do some POTP for Sophie.  Her family loves her a lot and Sophie isn’t ready to say goodbye yet. I’ll be listening, and so will the Big Guy.

40 thoughts on “Angel Lexi: POTP for Sophie

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    • Thanks, I just texted her Mom to see what’s going on with that tumor. If I hear back soon enough, I will include in my grooming post tomorrow.


  2. Putting our paws together for this sweet pup! Mom gets me a super short cut in the summer time as well. With our hot and humid summers it doesn’t take much to get my tongue dragging the ground. Mom and get slowly forced back inside to hibernate until the late fall and winter months when we once again get to roam my woods and fields. (Thank you for your lovely comments on my blogs. We lost your web address and just recently found it again)

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  3. Hi, my beautiful girl! I will be saying lots of prayers for Sophie. Btw, looking at the after pic Dexter, I refuse to believe I am not schnauzer. He is my twin. I love you with all of my heart and miss you so big. *ear licks* Your guy.

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    • I don’t know if you saw any of the pictures of Lexi in 2016 with one leg totally shaved from having surgery. Jeff called her peg leg. Those legs are so skinny. Stick legs is right!


  4. POTP for your Sophie. Our Sophie needs more thinking genes. She is certainly a challenge. You did a great job.I see so many Scotties that are groomed incorrectly. The groomer has to do what the owner wants.

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