A Beach Party Invite

Dear Shelby,

When Aunt Amy told me about the Spring Break Beach Party, all I could think about was taking you to the beach. I know you don’t really like water, so we don’t have to go swimming or participate in the Scuba Diving or Surfing events. But wouldn’t it be great fun to run free on the beach?

Shelby, you will be so beautiful running with me!

We could also join in the Treasure Hunt — maybe we will find some bones to chew! And the Amusement Park looked like fun too. I promise we will only go on the rides you like.

So, what do you say?   Yes  or    Yes  (or  _ Maybe, but probably YES)
Your biggest admirer,

P.S. Your protective brother Sidney can come, too, but he will have to find his own ride.

13 thoughts on “A Beach Party Invite

  1. Reblogged this on corkscot and commented:
    You know that I could not say no to my favorite beau. I will forgo my fear of water and happily join you at the beach. Remember to bring sun screen. my nose is delicate. I’m not so sure about Sidney. He is becoming weirder by the moment.I do want to have FUN!

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    1. You make me a happy dog, Shelby. I will bring sunscreen, my delicate flower. P.S. Let’s not tell Sidney where we are going. `Your (boy) friend, ~Piper


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