Moments in a Day

Amy here. It’s been a hectic two weeks leading up to Easter. I work at a church, so that should explain it. I keep thinking the pastor is going to keel over. Besides Easter prep, she had a wedding, a baptism and planned for a funeral for next Saturday. She has had church members admitted to the hospital, and others needing her at their homes. On Easter morning, we are welcoming thirteen new members and baptizing two more folks. This morning, my boss – who is the pastor of this church and has become my friend – walked in with two bouquets of flowers. When I jokingly asked, “Are those for me?” she said, ” Yes!” She wanted to show her appreciation of all my hard work and our partnership in making things happen.

     Flowers at work
     Same flowers at home












I was glad when my Amazon order showed up in the mail this morning. Do you love Anne Lamott’s works as much as I do? Two days ago (yes, I have Prime shipping with Amazon) I had decided that her new book, Hallelujah Anyway, would be a perfect gift to the pastor to just say thanks for who she is. We are so often on the same wave length!

As I sat waiting for the 12 page Easter bulletins to finish printing this afternoon, I also gave thanks for this church who honored their church dog with a memorial service and have held me in prayer as I continue to work my way through the grief of losing my heart dog. And, mostly, I give thanks to my risen Savior whose resurrection and love gives my heart hope. I wish my friends a joyous Easter and a blessed Passover.






12 thoughts on “Moments in a Day

  1. They are so lucky to have you. You deserve flowers every week. Being without internet access since Thursday night made it impossible to reply earlier. i only have 2 bars out of five and I don’t know have long this will last.

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    1. Exactly! Everyone there is super nice. I pretty much decide when to come in and when to leave, within reason. Can’t beat that with a stick. he, he.


  2. your pastor is a wonderful person… what a sweet idea :o) and I like that you picked this book for her… it’s great to get a thank you and a little gift… and to know that your friends care for you and honor your work is great too :o) happy Good Friday

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  3. The flowers are beautiful, what a wonderful surprise for you! I’m happy that you are friends, I’m sure she will like the book that you got for her. Wishing you and Jeff a very happy Easter. I echo your thanks to the Lord. ~Hugs, Margret

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    1. And this isn’t even where Jeff and I attend! We recently joined an Episcopal church 5 minutes from our house. This one is almost 30 minutes away. Belly rubs to Cupcake.


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