Much Dancing, New Diet and more

Hi, I finally got Mom (yes, I have shortened My Amy Mom to just Mom – Mom said it is OK) to sit still and help me blog again. She has been so busy, I almost get whiplash watching her run here and there. Mom and Dad (yes, I have shortened My Jeff Dad to just Dad – Dad said it is OK) were busy teaching two different couples who are getting married to dance. So they were gone two different nights every week doing that. Mom said my new diet needed some extra funding; more on that in a bit. Mom and Dad used to teach one of the brides, Savannah, and her Mom and a bunch of other teenagers how to dance a long time ago. I heard that Angel Lexi used to go and help at the dance lessons – for three years! That’s longer than I have been alive! So Mom went to Savannah’s bridal shower- I wonder if everyone got wet – and saw her dog Truffles. I wish I could have gone and played with Truffles. She was a rescue too. Her Mom says that it was really Truffles who rescued her.


Truffles knows a lot of tricks, too.

Things had just settled down from all the wedding and dance stuff when Dad got asked to bring Mom to a big company party and teach everyone how to do a dance called the Charleston. They practiced at home first, and it looked like so much fun that I jumped around, dancing with them. The music made me want to dance and laugh, too.

charleston lessons 2017

That’s my Mom and Dad in the front with the Charleston dance contestants. They had a contest to see who could best dance all the moves they had taught, and the lady on the right side won. I bet I could have won if they had just taken me!

When all the dance mania calmed down, Mom and Dad got real busy packing up 22 boxes of studio cameras and other professional sound and video equipment in the garage. I heard Mom tell Dad that she was tired of parking in the driveway and that one way or another she was getting the car in the garage that weekend. I got to help! Mom will add them to all the other stuff she sells on a place called ebay. Anyone want some big cameras?

Lucy helping pack cameras
Are we done yet?

Mom has been researching something called a raw diet for me for some time now. She finally found enough information that she was comfortable starting me on it. Well, at least half on it. She said until she can find the right suppliers to get all the different kinds of raw foods I need to have a balanced diet, she is going to keep feeding me kibble in the morning. But boy oh boy I can hardly wait for my dinner any more. First, she cleaned out the freezer. There were all kinds of goodies in there. My first raw meal was elk and some fresh steamed carrots. OMD! It was so good! Then I got salmon and fresh, lightly steamed beet greens. After that came the shrimp.

I cleaned my plate every night except for that one thing that shouldn’t have been in my bowl. (Note from Mom: that is her HW pill.) After the freezer supply stopped Mom found some hamburger on sale, and gave me that with green beans. Can anyone say Amen!?  I’ve also had eggs, but I am not allowed to have the crushed shell until Mom walks across the street and buys some organic eggs from the neighbor who keeps chickens. Come on, Mom, it’s just across the street! 

Yesterday she came home with a whole chicken, except for the feet and head and some other stuff that was missing. She cut that up and tonight I had my first drumstick. Mom put coconut oil  and strawberries in my dish too. I loved them so much that I ate them first. Mom said that proves I am not, nor ever will be, a schnauzer. She said further proof was me losing my pig foot. Here’s what happened: Mom got the store’s meat manager to sell her two frozen pig feet and I was happily munching on one in the front yard while Mom butchered the big bush in front of the house. I decided to carry my best treat ever around our property for a while when Mom looked up from her butchering and I was gone. When she started to call me, I dropped my special treat and came running. Mom asked me where my pig foot was, and I couldn’t remember! I went over to where I had been lying and it wasn’t there. I sniffed and tried to follow my own scent and went all over the yard in the back and side and I couldn’t find it!  Mom couldn’t find it either. Well, at least we have established that I am definitely not a schnauzer.

Finally, tonight, Mom saw she had gotten a coupon in the mail for $15 off her first order at She has seen some great reviews, especially on Angel Dory’s blog, so decided to check out their raw food offerings. She not Tyleesonly found what she wanted for me, but used her coupon and activated a coupon on their site to get a second one free and free shipping. She said she saved about $50 and only paid $19. I am not sure what that means, other than 1. she will be able to buy me more yummy food and 2. maybe I will get great boxes in the mail from

I have more to tell you about the dog Mom groomed today and where I am going next weekend, but Mom said I have barked enough for one night and it will have to wait until next time.

Love and wags, Lucy.

28 thoughts on “Much Dancing, New Diet and more

  1. Sounds like you’re living the life sweet pup!! What a busy schedule your pawrents have!! Mom doesn’t do any dancing but she does do about 5 miles a day walking. Now that’s she’s almost back to her old self she’s resumed her gardening as well. It’s a good thing for our folks to stay active. This way they can keep up with us pups for a good long while.

    Your diet sounds sooo yummy!! I’m on a prescription diet and Bison Mom cooks in the slow cooker for me. I don’t think my dogtor or Mom will let me change what I eat but you can keep telling me all about it… *Wipes Drool*

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    1. Hiiii Molly! Bison, cooked or raw, sound really yummy too! Mom says she doesn’t garden – she just rips weeds out of the earth and butchers bushes. Hey, if I was there, we could dig for moles together! ~Lucy


  2. Holy cow, Lucy…will your mom cook for us?! Even as good as she and your dad are, you won’t be able to cure my two left feet, but that’s ok (at least I have nice legs, right?), I like watching others dance, like that adorable Ms. Truffles. Too cute.

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  3. We love Chewy! You set up an Autoship and then you’ll get ADDITIONAL money off. We’ve used it to buy Sammie’s food, and recently started using it to buy the cat’s litter.

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    1. I don’t think I can afford to buy it without the kind of discounts I got this time. I do see it’s 20% off with at least the first autoship. Our order arrived today, so Lucy will be trying it soon.

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  4. Wow, you sure have a lot of stuff going on! With all that dancing it’s a good thing no one stepped on your paws! Is your mom interested in a freeze dried raw diet like Sojos has? We tested it awhile back and it was delish (but $$$). The upside is that it was easy peasy!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

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    1. Mom said I wasn’t getting a raw diet if he had to sell herself to afford it. She said besides, at her age, she wouldn’t find any buyers. (I don’t know what any of this means.) ~Lucy


  5. hello lucy its dennis the vizsla dog hay that is kool i did not no yore mama and dada tawt peepul how to danse!!! my mama and dada hav ben tayking danse lessens for yeerz!!! they do not do the charlston tho altho dada sez they tuk a klass in it at the catalina iland swing danse festival and it wuz fun but hard they do lots of other stuf tho like fokstrot and waltz and west koast swing and ardjenteen tango and wotnot hay maybe they wil see yoo on the danse flor sumtime!!! ok bye

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    1. Hi Dennis the Vizsla! Ballroom dancing is how my Mom and Dad met. Dad asked her to be his dance partner and he would pay for lessons and, and, and, well, now they are married. I am glad cause that means they can be my mom and dad. 🙂 🙂 My Mom says she is glad to hear your mom and dad dance too. It is so much fun!!


    1. Amy here. My schnauzers had stomachs of iron. So, although gradual change is recommended, I am used to just switching. A lot of dogs are like you scotties, though, and can’t tolerate a quick change. Thankfully Lucy seems quite tolerant, except to grains, which give her the stinkiest you know whats I have ever smelled.


  6. Truffles is a good dancer and human-walker. You are helping beautifully with the garage cleanout. I don’t know how they would’ve done it without you, L. Mom and I love She buys me one-ingredient treats from there. Enjoy your new fresh-food diet. It sure looks yummy – except for the sneaky medicine hidden in there.

    Love and licks,

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    1. Yes, Truffles is. I prefer to dance on all 4 feet, though. I think I might have gotten the medicine later in a piece of steak. I ate it too fast to notice.


  7. I really enjoyed this post. I have been thinking of going natural with Watson, but have not decided what to start with, because he is on neurocare right now. Looks like the dance was great fun!

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    1. I don’t know anything about a neurocare diet. However, if you will email me, I will send you the info that finally made sense with an easy to follow guide on feeding the raw diet. Buying it onalready prepared would have cost us at least $150 a month (or more) and that made it a big no, but I wasn’t ready to give up. THis info has enabled me to make it myself for a fraction of the cost. Maybe once you look over this info, your vet can tell you yes or how to modify it for Watson.


  8. Truffles is super cute… and super clever!!! the mama loves such dance events and she enjoyed to read all about the charleston and she loved the photo and the fabulous dressed peeps… specially your mom&dad ;o) I loved the new food-plan your mama has for you… are that shrimps? any leftovers for a starving weim?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, Phenny, real live headless shrimp! They had been in the freezer for ages, just like the elk, so Mom decided I would enjoy them, Boy, was she right! Sorry, I gobbled them ALL down. You and your peeps would have a fun time with the charleston dance. Come over our house and we will teach you. 🙂


  9. What a great post. Your pawents taught the Charleston. I would have liked to learn that dance as it is great exercise.

    tRUFFLES IS A CUTIE PIE. I would like to meet her some day. You are going raw. Gascinating. Mom tried Kali and I on a raw diet and we refused to eat it. I think the key is ti start very young. Apparently raw is a much better diet for dogs and cats.



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    1. Mom said her leg muscles were sore the next day from the different motions used in that charleston dance. She must have done it a lot more than me. You wouldn’t eat your raw food? I can’t believe it! Did you try shrimp? Tuna? Salmon? OMG and OMC. You girls don’t know what you are missing! Mom was afraid it might upset my tummy, but I feel great and don’t have any more stinky gas flying out of my butt.


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