Lucy’s Vacation

Hi Friends! I promised to tell you what I was doing “next weekend” which has turned into “last weekend.” I tried to pin Mom down last week to write my blog, but she kept pushing me off her.

I went on vacation – without Mom and Dad! I stayed at this really, really, really, really nice lady’s house. Her name is Martha and I had met her once before when I still had my job at the church. She gave me a frozen pig’s foot just like the one I had lost, and it kept me so busy that I only dug one hole in her front yard. Ms. Martha took me in her car to her son’s house. I met Jax and Brody and we played hard.


It was hot outside, so we cooled off on the patio together.


On Sunday we went back and this time there were little people and another dog. I had so much fun!!


We got back home to Ms. Martha’s just before Mom and Dad pulled in the driveway to take me home. I was happy to see them, but I didn’t want to leave. Like when I went to see My Grandma, I don’t understand why peeps can’t just all live in the same place. That way, we could all visit and play together all the time. Can someone please explain that to me?

That’s all I can tell you for now. Mom has to go to work. Maybe tomorrow I can pin her down to write in my blog and tell you about her visit with Piper while I was on vacation.

Lots of wiggles and wags, Lucy.

13 thoughts on “Lucy’s Vacation

  1. That Martha’s-Son’s-House looks like a super fun place. Especially when the little dog and the kids made an appearance. I agree with you. Everyone should live together. Then none of us would ever be alone. I am withholding judgement on the frozen pig’s foot.

    Love and licks,

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    • It was tons of fun. Don’t you and your Mom eat meat from pigs? (uh, oh, better not tell Bacon Thompson) But don’t worry, it’s gone. Uh, I ate it all.


  2. Lucy that is a place I would love too… no wonder that you wanted to stay a little longer there… I wonder too why we can’t live at the same place all together… it’s time to win the lottery to buy a blogville island :lo)

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