My Delivery


I think this box the guy in the brown clothes left here is for me.


Riley, come see what’s in this box.


I don’t see anything, Lucy.  Hmmm.


(Getting ready for more aggressive exploration)


You’re right, Lucy. I don’t see anything either.


I can’t believe chewy forgot to put anything in the box.


Come on Lucy. Let’s see if we can find it.


Mom had put my new food away so it “didn’t go bad.” I got a great supper with my new raw diet food plus chicken livers plus greens plus strawberry caps. That all adds ups to mmmm. *chomp comp* Can’t talk, eating.

23 thoughts on “My Delivery

  1. You pups have some yummy looking kibbles there!! BOL I love to investigate the boxes and bags Mom brings home too. I just know there’s something in them for me and most of the time I’m right. Except for today. 😦 (The Mom only brought home shoes and sandles for herself and nothing for me. Let me tell you I was one unhappy weenie girl).

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    • No more itchies or runny eyes. Firmer and small stools. So far so good. I just have to keep finding the most inexpensive ways of feeding Lucy like this. So far, under $2 a pound of anything is working.


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