A Chilly Day

Today was a bit chilly and it seemed that everyone noticed I was cold. First, Mom tried to help while I took a nap. That was good.

When I woke up, my boyfriend Riley suggested we lay in a sun puddle. That was gooder.

Finally, we went out into the sunshine and played until we were both hot. That was the goodest.

May your days be filled with sunshine and cozy blankies.

Woofs and wiggles, Lucy

22 thoughts on “A Chilly Day

  1. That looks like an all around comfy day. It was a bit cold here but I got walks with my dog walker as Dad is out of town and Mom played with me in the yard tonight. (she can’t walk me as I pull on her meniscus-less knee when I see a squirrel or another dog but she can move pretty fast chasing me around the yard). – Abby Lab

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    • Hi Abby Lab! I pulled so hard at the farmers market last Saturday that Mom put me in the car (she said so I didn’t hurt my throat). She said next time I have to wear my pinch collar “for my own good.” ~Lucy


  2. The temperature in my car was 104 after sitting outside for 20 minutes. It has been in the 90’s this week. We never really had winter this year. So much for the non believers of global warming.

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