A Dog Grooming Double Entendre

My Mom was watching videos on grooming tek neeks when her new groom got to the house. She set her laptop on the floor with the you tube video still running. Can you guess what I did? Yep, I watched how to groom shih tzu faces and yorkie faces and malteses all overs and tons of other stuff. Dad put me out in the yard for a while, but I couldn’t wait to get back in to watch more videos. I ran right to the laptop and kept watching until Mom was all done in her groom room and came back upstairs. I hope I get to watch more videos of dogs today.

Zoe is a Papitese. She is half Papillon and half Maltese. Mom said she was a very, very good girl and got a treat and a fancy bow on her collar. Maybe I can groom Zoe next time, ’cause I have to get some paws-on experience. I will see if there is a you tube video for Papitese grooming.

Loves and wiggles,


30 thoughts on “A Dog Grooming Double Entendre

  1. Thank you for sharing. I groom our little Maltese myself. She was so poorly treated, I don’t want anyone to frighten her. So I am now a dog groomer. Sadly, when I am finished – she looks like Steven Tyler coming in from a three day drunk. I have a lot to learn. Much respect to all dog groomers – it is a talent and takes skill and patience.


    • I understand. I never wanted to leave my precious Lexi (schnauzer) at a groomer’s either, so was very glad I didn’t have to. Keep at it, watch more videos and be sure you are using the right tools. You’ll improve. 🙂

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  2. I have great respect for people who groom our fur buddies and do it well. Patience, understanding of the animal’s specific needs and quirks, and skill to do the job are a big part of it, but I appreciate a groomer who suggests a different cut than I wanted and it turns out to be better suited for the pet’s comfort and cuter than the one I thought I wanted.

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    • Hi Doug. This owner said she didn’t care what I did, so I suggested a full shave down for the summer. However, when I got Zoe on the table and saw how beautiful her now clean hair was, I had to leave her some curl. The owner loved it and gave me a great review on our Nextdoor site.

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      • The first time I took my kitty boys to the groomer’s I asked for lion cuts. The next time, she showed me a publication with photos of dogs with teddy bear cuts. She suggested it for my kitties,

        I said to give it a try, and the result was so much more appealing that that’s what we’ve gone with since.

        I appreciated her suggestion because it reflected her aesthetic sense of what made the kitty boys look best, and her judgement proved out!

        I was very fortunate to find a groomer just two blocks away who’d take in cats (if they were good kitties, of course!) and proved her abilities to groom weren’t only for dogs, their primary business.

        I’ve seen their “woofie” clients before and after grooming, and they do just as much good work on them as for my cats. It’s a super place! all that cuteness (her dog clients) from start to finish makes loading up the cats a double treat!

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      • I’m glad they are good for their groomer. I used to groom cats and am quite familiar with cat bites. It is much worse than a dog bite. I hate to say the Persians were the worst. The DHS cats rarely gave me any trouble.

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