Piper Update

  • Piper went to an emergency vet clinic at 4:00 Eastern Time. Although we knew Piper’s heart is enlarged, and has been for years, it does not look like he is in congestive heart failure. His liver is extremely large because of his heart problem. His liver is pushing all of his organs, including his stomach, down, causing the distension in his abdomen. His food was just sitting in his very full stomach. The food had nowhere to go since his intestines were also full. The dogtor did something called a rectal (don’t know and don’t want to know) to clear it out. That worked, and Piper went outside and pooped for five solid minutes. He felt much better, as we all would in that situation.

    He went home with instructions to go to his regular vet and have his insulin level checked. He is an insulin dependent diabetic. He seems to be out of the woods for right now. As funny as it sounds, the digestive issue would have been life-threatening if it hadn’t been resolved today. We just don’t know yet what can be done about the enlarged liver and the problems it is presenting. Many thank to everyone for their POTP, prayers, concern and comments.
    Piper was feeling much better, with a smile on his precious face even while his eyes were getting heavy on the way home.

    46 thoughts on “Piper Update

    1. I am sorry Piper has been so ill but I’m glad he’s feeling a bit better now (a 5 minute poo! That should sort most things out …). Here’s hoping you can find a long-lasting solution. xxx
      P.S. Probiotics and a bit of live culture yoghurt in his meals might help?

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    2. We are thrilled that Piper got some relief at the vet today. Shelby was very sad to hear that he was not feeling well. We will continue to keep him in our prayers.


    3. Mee-you wee can xhale now Lady Amy! Poor Piper goin thru’ such a procedure butt wee are reeleived he iss on thee mend an hope fingss can bee stailized fur him!!!
      Pleeze give him mee reegardss when you mee-yow to him or see him OK?
      **paw patsss** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

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    4. So do we! I had his Mom get him probiotics today, as this problem in his digestive system started right after he started on antibiotics for a UTI.


    5. Yes, we are through the crisis, but the underlying problem continues. He is moving to Nashville this week and will see a vet there.


    6. It’s always good news to know the veterinarian has a solution for our fur buddies that relieves discomfort and pain! Good news, Piper! Glad to know you are doing much better!

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    7. I’m so glad to read such good news…. the big rock what was on our heart is gone… yay! Hugs to Piper and lots of POTP … and we hope for good news when you see your regular vet…

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    8. I know I and the rest of Piper’ family will appreciate that. I don’t know whether to be proud of him for being so brave or worried. He’s the one who screamed like someone was killing him when he had gas a few years ago, and I hurried to the vet to meet up with him and his Mom. A walk outside and gas expelled and he was good as new! SO you see why this stoicism was so strange. It was much more Lexi-esque.


    9. So happy the vets were able to help! As we found out, the heart meds damage the liver and the liver meds affect the heart (diabetes doesn’t help). Hopefully a balance can be found! In the meantime, more love and POTP coming your way.

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    10. Oh, Piper! What a strong, brave boy you were today and what a strong, brave family and smart, caring doctors you had surrounding you. Well done! We hope you continue to do well and will say some more prayers for all of you.

      Love and licks,

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