Friday Foodies and Piper Update

Mom finally realized that the food she bought from was not raw. She had searched their site for raw food, and it popped up and she didn’t read any further. She found this out when she couldn’t find the word “raw” on the package. Upon reading the package more closely she also found that the protein/fat ratio for raw food was way off. It should be 2 parts protein to 1 part fat, and it was half and half. (Maybe ’cause it wasn’t raw, Mom.)  When she called them, they were very nice, said they would fix that search engine, and gave her all her money back. The bag is now sitting in the freezer waiting to be fed on an “emergency” basis. I wonder what kind of an emergency I could have to get some more Tylees…

Then Mom got another revelation.

Yep, she finally looked closer at this danged fish and realized why I wasn’t eating it. She put on some gloves and took a knife to it, trying to just slice off the fin. Ha, ha, that didn’t work so well. It turned into one of Phenny’s DIY projects. I listened for some HBO words, but the worst I heard was, “Ow, that does hurt,” and “I need a sharper knife,” and “I wonder who I can get to do this for me.” She finally got it done with about the same results as in Phenny’s crib. I did get to eat the head and some meat off of it, though.

Anyhow, Mom thought it was time for me to share pictures (’cause I’m not sharing my food) of what else I’ve had for supper recently. In case you didn’t know, I am on the Raw Diet. Mom says it took some time to get her head around feeding raw meat. It took me, however, no time getting my mouth around it. Mmmmmm.

beef, kale and sweet potato


chicken, collards, egg and coconut oil

Mom puts down my bowl and I dive in. She has to be fast to get a picture while there is still food in the bowl.

num num num

I want to end with a quick update from Mom on Piper.

Piper is holding steady, even showing some spunk. Yesterday he moved with his Mom (his Dad was already there) to Nashville. Now Piper and his family are only 2 hours away from us instead of almost 6. We are always glad to be closer, and especially at this time in Piper’s life.

Let me snooze, Momma, while you take us to our new home.

Love and wags, Lucy

19 thoughts on “Friday Foodies and Piper Update

  1. hello lucy its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow my dada likes to eet raw fish too eksept it duznt hav fins or skayls or a tale and they kall it sooshee and yoo hav to go to a restawrant for it!!! i think he shud just cut owt the middelman and eet the fish off a playt like that!!! i am sending lots of tail wags for piper!!! ok bye

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    • Hi Dennis! My experience has been it is better for your Dad to go get soohee. I wish I could! Keep wagging for Piper, he still needs it lots. ~Lucy


  2. Of my mom had yo give me that food, we would starve to death. We are meatless in this house, but mom does love kale and sweet potato. She does give us dry dog food with meat, but we have never had canned. It would not be a pretty sight for mom to be running to the bathroom from the smell. She is finicky. We are happy about Piper.

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    • Yikes! My Auntie Jen who is Piper’s mom who I have never met who has a culinary degree said to use scissors to cut off the fins. And she sent Mom links to 2 how-to videos. ~Lucy


  3. Wow, Lucy how can you eat that raw stuff? You started when you first went to Amy’s place and maybe that’s how. We won’t tell you about our experiences with raw food….it is depressing.

    Piper has had a raw deal. We’re glad he’ll be closer to you.

    Shoko and Kali

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  4. You probably already know this but in feeding raw chicken be extra cautious in cleaning up after your pet. Dogs shed salmonella through their poop surprisingly well, which is why they don’t get sick from it like we humans, but we can pick it up as we pick up after them. It looks yummy – Abby Lab is drooling.

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    • Thank you! No, I did not know that. I alway use a scoop and double bag it. Also don’t ever walk around dog lot in bare feet. Perhaps I should send a bib for Abby Lab. 🙂


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