Piper’s Day with His Aunt Amy

Do you see this, Aunt Amy? I have to go through all these moving boxes to get to my water. And I drink a lot of water. My Mama says it’s cause of my sugar being off. That’s the truth! I haven’t had any sugar on me since the great powdered sugar caper years ago.  Never mind that, now I need to go out again.

Whoa! I stood up too fast. Hey! Do you see these butterflies that just appeared all around me, Aunt Amy?

Where’d they go? I think it’s getting ready to rain. Maybe we should go back inside. I wonder if the butterflies went in the house.

What are you eating, Aunt Amy? I think it is my supper time. Or lunch. Or maybe second breakfast? I feel like no one fed me today.

Your Dad fed you this morning before he left for work.

That was 87 minutes ago. Maybe even 87 hours.

I understand, sweet boy, you are a schnauzer. I will give you a little bit of lunch. Just don’t tell your Mom.

Could you give me some of that food you are eating and I won’t tell my Mom about that either?


Wait, you don’t really have to leave today, do you? I am going to lay on you until it is time to go. I will miss you. Come back soon.

I will miss you too, Piper and I will try to do that.

I love you, Aunt Amy. ❤

I love you too, Piper. ❤

18 thoughts on “Piper’s Day with His Aunt Amy

  1. We know about heart issues. Sid has adjusted to his problem. He takes his medicine. We wish that your issue could be handled as easily. Shelby is waiting for another date. Please get better.

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    1. My Momma says I am not allowed to go anywhere, not even with Aunt Amy. So I won’t be able to take you to the dance next month, Shelby. Maybe you could come to my house.~Piper ❤

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  2. Sweet Piper wee iss sorry yur sugar iss ‘off’ an you sorta tippy-canoe! Butt wee are happy you gotted to bee with Aunty Amy! Shee iss a nice Lady ❤
    ***nose rubsss*** Siddhartha Henry xXx

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    1. Other than my Momma, Aunt Amy is the best. ❤ I lived with her without my Momma for a whole year. My cousin Lexi wasn't thrilled about it, though. ~Piper


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