Lucy Hodge Podge Catchup

Hi friends. Mom has been neglectful busy and hasn’t helped me to post anything on my our my blog lately. I am going to try to think real hard and remember everything that has happened since last we all visited.

First, Mom got a bad case of poison oak. She said she got it from me, but I don’t know how when I don’t itch or have any red, blistery rashes like her. Then I heard her tell Dad that I wasn’t allowed to run through the woods around our house anymore, not even through the weeds and brush on the hill going down to the neighbors. He said, “But that’s how she gets her exercise.” (Go Dad!) Then she said, “Do you want to keep that dog? I’m not going through this again.” End of discussion.

Shortly after that, Mom packed a bag and left. I don’t know where she went, but she sure Piper-Amy collageas shootin’ didn’t take me (or Dad). It was the next day that I snuck onto Dad’s computer and saw — on what is supposed to be my blog — these pictures of Piper, who I might add, I have never met. So, I am thinking, “She’s scoping out a replacement for me.” Dad assured me that wasn’t the case, but she sure was lovin’ on that pooch.

I had the weekend to hang out with my Dad, my defender, my pal, and the new feeder of my raw food diet.

19243-1When Mom finally got home, she announced that I was going straight into the tub — right after she rubbed all this poison ivy/oak remover all over me. Mom, I don’t have any of what you got! She wouldn’t listen, and Dad got coerced into getting me into the tub.

The next day was Monday and Mom had to go into work after she got something called a root canal. The dentist got halfway through and had to stop, said it wouldn’t work, but she can tell you about that if she wants. She got out of work early and went to something called a doc-in-a-box and got a shot to get rid of the poison oak that I didn’t give her. She had been trying to get rid of it for a week with an ointment she said always used to work, but now it was spreading and blistering and she was “not a happy camper.” Yeah, tell me about it. When she got home, my peeps bro Andrew was outside working on his truck, so she went over to tell him to not let me run the same places she had already told Dad. Before she could, though, he smiled big and told her how much fun I had running up and down the hill next to the house that day. Oh, dog poopie! She marched inside, told Dad I hEmoji worried-upsetad to live outside in the fenced yard until he gave me a bath, then stuck me out there with nothing but a bowl of water. Pretty soon Dad came out, grabbed me by the collar and dragged me to the downstairs to what some people call a bathroom. It’s really a water boarding chamber of torture. I quivered the whole time. And oh, the shot didn’t work, either. (Serves her right.) Now she is on some kind of pills called prednisone and that has not improved her mood, let me tell you.

So let’s see, what’s next. Oh yes. The week got much better. Mom said she was giving me a second chance and took me to work to the church with her on Thursday. It was wonderful! It was the day folks come in to get food vouchers. I had heard stories about Lexi doing therapy on all these people, so I thought, if anything will get me my job back, that should be it. She and the volunteer kept trying to hold me back and stop me from running up to everyone, but I was not to be deterred. I was on a mission for good. And guess what? Everyone loved me! There was a little boy who wasn’t too sure about me at first, but he started laughing when I wacked him with my tail and his Mom told him it was ok to pet me. Mom was very neglectful about getting pictures. Something about the phones ringing and trying to “deal with me” and people’s privacy. I really think she should get her priorities straight. I even hate to mention this, but I am going to anyway: I. Did. NOT. Pee. or Poop. Inside. Not. Even. Once. I was a very good girl and did what Angel Lexi used to do, but with more enthusiasm! Yay for me! I hope I go back soon. I especially really like the volunteer David, just like Angel Lexi did. I know he liked me, too.

😵🐶😒After work we drove to a place where all the lost and unwanted dogs – mostly bullie breeds like me — get dumped. I thought, “Oh no!” I know I was very good at work, and I tried to tell Mom I would never ever give her poison anything again even though I never gave it to her ever in-the-first-place and please don’t leave me. Then I saw a lot of happy people and dogs and tents and ice cream. So maybe this wasn’t so bad. Mom explained to me that I was going to get a tiny little chip stuck under my skin so that if I ever got lost I could be returned to her and Dad. That sounded good, and it didn’t even hurt when the nice lady did it. Then we went home together. (Whew!)

Well, your eyes are probably getting tired reading all this, so I will finish telling you stuff another time. Besides, it’s supper time and Riley’s tummy is growling so loud I can’t think.

Love and wiggles, Lucy.

20 thoughts on “Lucy Hodge Podge Catchup

  1. oh wow….my head was spinning after reading your post! So many things happened but it sounds like things are back to normal now?? I hope your humom is feeling better, my humom takes prednisone so she knows what’s that like. Hope you don’t have to get any more baths!

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    • Hi Mia! Mom said her head has been spinning too, but doesn’t know if it’ from going non-stop or the prednisone. She’s almost done with it and said she is drinking something called alcohol today anyhow, ’cause it’s a holiday and she knows a recipe for watermelon, mint and something called alcohol. I hope I get some, but Mom is shaking her head NO!

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  2. Aw Lucy…sorry you had to have so many water torture episodes. You just want your mom to be non-blistery, don’t you? It’s never good to make the mom of the house unhappy we’ve learned from experience. Hope you mum starts to respond to the new medication so you can get out of the doghouse.
    Your fur-iends,
    Sam & Elsa🐾

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  3. I’m so proud of you., L. What a stressful week for your family. You endured and came through it fine – even with baths thrown in! I’m sure Angel L is proud, too for the great job you did at therapy. Mom and I hope your mama’s poison oak is gone soon and she is back to feeling like herself again. Meanwhile, stay out of the weeds!

    Love and licks,

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  4. Mee-you Lucy you sure had an eventfull time with Mumma Amy! That Poison Oak iss NASSSTEEE!! As inn werser than Poison Ivy which iss no ‘day at thee beech’ either mee furend!! Poor Lady Amy! mee sends her POTP to feel better soon.
    Lucy if you need sumwhere to lay low you can come stay here! There iss NO poison anyfing inn mee backyard an wee can walk you twice a day……
    Pleeze take care of yourself an bee carefull ok? Lady Amy wee iss sorry yur sufferin so badlee…..LadyMum sayss shee said a purrayer fur you to feel better…
    All our ❤ LUV ❤ an **paw patsss** an {{hugsss}} Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum

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    • Dear Siddhartha Henry and LadyMum, I appreciate your offer, I really do, but I think the worst of it is over. I have stayed out of the bad woods and weeds and Mom’s poison stuff is getting better and she is said she is going to start ramping down on the pills. I don’t know what that means, but I think it will be good for us all. ~Lucy
      Thanks for your prayers. Sometimes I feel bad complaining when so many others go through stuff much much worse every day. God is good.


  5. Oh Lucy, such a lot going on!
    Congrats on a triumphant return to work!
    Um I don’t think you need to be worried anymore about your mom and dad not keeping you. Not if you have a chip so they can always find you.
    Tell your mom that we all hope she feels better soon. Oh and prednisone…My Margret says that when she is on it it makes her feel like she’s bursting out of her skin. We’ve never seen that happen thank goodness.
    You might want to give your mom some extra loving right now, that’s bound to make her feel better. ~ nose nudges Belle Pup

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    • So you think extra loving would be better than hiding? I will have to be a brave dog like Lexi was. I hear stories how she wasn’t afraid of anything!


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