Ella (in the land of) the Brave

Ella here. Boy oh boy has it been stressful few days. Starting last week I hears “BOOM, POP, CRACKLE, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM”! Holy poops friends I thoughts for sures my minions…ahem… humans, the schnauzer, and I were goners. It was like a bad dream. All of this noise lasted for 87 hours, it had to of, and all my minions…I mean humans could do was just tells me to calm down that it was ok.

Well holy poop humans! Hows in the world can it be “ok”? We are under attack! I tried and tried to tell them that I would handle it. “Let me at em” I said…. “You’s guys go hide, run for your lives!” but they just SAT there! I was so stressed and worried for the fam that the first few nights I snuck into the minion human bed and cuddled with mom… You know because she needed to be reassured that I was going to keep her safe and all.

Still a bit nervous about this whole thing, Dad.

Now looking back I think they may have not believed me because they just saw me as Ella, the sweetest, cutest boxer girl on Earth… you see I wasn’t wearing my Wonder Woman collar, so they must have thought I wasn’t capable or something… Well friends we stayed under attack for 87 years!!… or until last night around midnight. Mom and dad vanished for a few hours earlier in the evening, they said they were going to the store, which was a big fat lie because I didn’t get a toy when they got back.  Nope, all they brought me was this glowy thingy that they put around my neck. When they got home the booming really got loud. I KNEW we were all about to be blown to a million pieces… then what did they do???? THEY TOOK ME AND THE SCHNAUZER OUTSIDE TO WATCH!

  • I’ll be OK if you hold me, Mom.

You light thingies stay away from my humans.

Come on Ella girl they said, it’ll be pretty they said… So I barked and barked then I started seeing all of these pretty lights in the sky. They reminded me of the bugs I like to catch at night, but there were soooo many  more of them and darns they were loud! I let my daddy give me some rubs and I watched and you know what…. We did NOT blows up friends!! I told mom and dad that it was because I was such a good guard girl this week, those things were too scared to do anything but be pretty.  So I successfully protected my minions…humans… and the schnauzer too.

I am Ella the sweetest, cutest (bravest) boxer girl on Earth!

Pee S: The strangest thing happened…I got a new Super Power.

Bet you can’t see me…I’m the Invisible Dog.











21 thoughts on “Ella (in the land of) the Brave

  1. hello ella its dennis the vizsla dog hay gud job keeping the hyoomans sayf with yore boxer force feeld and majik kollar!!! i cud yooze sumwun like yoo arownd heer to help keep me sayf frum the ninja hedjhogs and wotnot!!! ok bye

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  2. If previous years are any indication, we still have more than a week of booming left. It usually starts the week before the 4th and continues at least a week after. Composure did help a little. You can get it from the vet or from Amazon. It was way cheaper on Amazon.

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  3. Ella girl…you truly are one brave girl! Way to keep the family safe while you are under siege. We’re still having various ‘explosions’ around here even though it’s after the 4th of July but am hopeful they go away soon. The loud TV is giving the uprights a headache. 😉

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  4. Oh Ella, the sweetest, cutest (bravest) “wonder woman collar wearing, invisible when she wants to be” boxer girl, you are my hero! The way you faced your fears to keep your people safe is nothing short of the biggest dose of awesomeness that there can be! ~Bessie Pup

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  5. wow that was super brave!!! Ella please tell me where I can buy such a magic collar what makes me invisible… I urgently need one… the next two minutes… before the mama will notice that I wrecked her slipper….

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