Memory Monday with Lexi


Ahhh, rolling around in the ivy feels so good.

Anyone who has followed this blog for very long knows that our precious Lexi had a very good and full life. Below are a few pictures of Lexi enjoying her time “working” at St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church, or “the church on the mountain,” as she identified it. She guarded my office and greeted all those I permitted to enter (everyone), insisting on being pet and requesting food. Both were often obliged. (She gained five pounds during her two years of Wednesdays and Fridays there.) She enjoyed going into the enclosed memorial garden, whose entrance was directly across from our office. She took special delight in rolling in the vinca, after which I had to try to fluff it up. Ever try to fluff an ivy?

Lexi also had her memorable moments inside. I usually took her breakfast with us. Sometimes she did not approve, and did the D&D (Disdain and Dump). She was always a good communicator.

I do not approve of this breakfast. Get me something else.

Then came our last day at St. Tim’s. A friend gave us a plant. This was the last photo of Lexi  at “the church on the mountain.” More adventures were to come!

This flower is pretty and smells good, but hey, where are the treats?


24 thoughts on “Memory Monday with Lexi

  1. hello amy its dennis the vizsla dog hay angel lexi shoor did do a gud job of keeping the churtch on the mowntin running smoothly!!! we hav got tons of vinca heer maybe i shud go try rolling in it it luks like a lot of fun!!! ok bye

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    1. Hello Dennis the vizsla dog. She sure did. And yes, be sure to try out the vinca. Superb and highly recommended for rolling. You could have a rolling party.


  2. What a lovely memory of Lexi!! She was such a great dog!!! I wished I’d known her longer! Sherri-Ellen ❤
    Mee-you Lady Amy yur Lexi was one kewl doggie!! Mee iss happy mee new Lexi fur a littul while butt wish mee new her longer…..
    Sendin ***paw kissesss*** Heavenward, Siddhartha Henry xxxxxx

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  3. What great photos and happy memories to share. I’m finking of using the D&D trick, well maybe I would if I wasn’t so greedy, I don’t suppose it works as well if you eat the foodables first?
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

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    1. Lexi knew she could go to the office next to mine and feast, because the lady that worked there always brought her healthy snacks that she loved. Lexi often spent lunchtime with her, munching on broccoli and fruit and sometimes even select portions of meat.


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