Surprise Saturday Grooms

Emmy “before”

Last night I heard Mom tell Dad that it seemed odd that she didn’t have any grooms for this weekend. Right after that she got a message on the neighborhood apple or appie or something that said, “Do you by any chance have an opening to shave my hateful old bity this weekend? If not it is ok. She’s beyond trimming she is getting matted so a shave except for her face will be necessary.” The person left her phone number, so Mom texted her back and said sure, come at 9:30 on Saturday. The lady warned Mom that her Shih Tzu bites, which is why she is such a mess. “Emmy” even tries to bite her Mom when her Mom tries to brush her. I think that is a very, very bad dog. I would never bite anyone, especially my Mom. But Mom has done well with supposed biters in times past, but she has also been bitten – especially by shih tzus. As it turned out, Emmy was a handful on the table and took a long time. She tried to eat my Dad for lunch when he held onto her so that Mom could cut her nails. Dad was brave and did not shirk his duty, and every nail got safely cut. At one point, Emmy calmed down and looked Mom in the eyes. Yeah, Mom melted. After her bath, Emmy got still and let Mom finish up her face and head with no argument.

I think they might have become friends. Emmy is already scheduled to come back in two months. When her Mom came back to get her, she said that Emmy and another dog were rescued from a house where the owner had died. Two other dogs didn’t “make it.” She has lived in her new home for four years. She hates the man there too, so maybe her first Dad was mean to her.

Thank you Miss Amy for helping me feel better. I’m 14 and still a pretty girl!

So, just before Mom started grooming Emmy, another new person called wanting her little yorkie groomed.

Bella is a tiny, four-year-old Yorkshire terrier (yay, another terrier like me – well, maybe not exactly like me). Oh, and Bella is a sweetie, just like me! Bella’s peeps didn’t tell Mom that she was a matted mess before they brought her.  Her Dad told Mom exactly what they wanted, and even showed her a picture they found on the internet. I guess that’s just Mom’s job, to turn matted messes into something pretty, right?

That’s it for this week’s edition of Grooming with Amy. We hope you enjoyed it.

Love and wiggles, Lucy.

22 thoughts on “Surprise Saturday Grooms

  1. hello lucy its dennis the vizsla dog hay wot kyoot littel doggies those doggies ar!!! yore mama did a grayt job on them!!! i am glad nobuddy got eeten as a reezult of theez grooming efforts that wood hav put a damper on the weekend for shoor!!! ok bye

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  2. Biting is naughty, but sometimes it’s all a doggie has. Your mom and dad are very brave to take on naughty doggies sometimes. We’re pretty sure they don’t mean to be bad. Your mom has good skills to help messy doggies look pretty again. Great work!

    Love and licks,

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    1. Yes, who knows what this poor girl has been through in her life. We just have to try to help her without getting bit in the process!


    1. This translates (according to Mr. Google) as Dick or dickie. So, huh? Kissie, I know you can fly, cause you’re so often over my head…


  3. Lucy, your mom does such a good job loving on the pups that come in to be groomed. I enjoy hearing their stories. ~ cuddles,Margret


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