34 thoughts on “Tuesday Tutorial

    1. Yep. 5 or more is all y’all. Of course, anywhere but in the South, folks will look at you like you are a barefoot hick. Oh, yes, you are barefoot, Dennis the Vizsla.


    1. Ah, but true! Ever heard of Monday week, as in, “I’ll be back Monday week.” I had to ask first time someone said that to me.


    1. I can tell you two have been listening to your Mom and Dad who spent some time in Georgia (pronounced Jo-ja). ๐Ÿ™‚ Ya’ll be good.


        1. I married a man from western TN and moved here in 1984. He’s long gone and good riddance (that was pretty impolite too, wasn’t it.) I just loved it here and never left. My precious Jeff is from IN, much more like me!

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