Happy Dog and Cat Treats

homemade-treats-coverI hit the mother load. 🙂  Twenty-one nutritious and delicious recipes for easy-to-make treats. I have been wondering about how I could give Lucy treats since she is on the Raw Diet. Even though the treats are baked (and one is frozen), they are still species appropriate and solves that problem. You can access this ebook here.  If you try any of these, I would love to read your-and your fur baby’s-thoughts on them.





24 thoughts on “Happy Dog and Cat Treats

  1. hello amy its dennis the vizsla dog hay yum treets!!! sinse i hav ben gitting rather fussy theez days doo to my eye bee dee i wil see if maybe mama or dada wil cuk me up sum of this gud stuf!!! ok bye

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  2. We are big fans of Dr. Becker. Since this Mother Hubbard’s cupboard is on the low side, at least according to Sam and Elsa, we’ll be trying some of these out and let you know our results. Many thanks for sharing. Happy weekend!

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  3. Homemade cat treats. I dunno Amy. I made them meals of delicious meats and they looked at me and backed away like the food was going to attack them. I’ll take a peek through the book and see if there is something simple and inexpensive for these little traitors.


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