Grooming With(out) Lucy

I’ve given up. Mom’s never going to let me groom dogs. A couple of weeks ago she got a 15 year old miniature poodle dog named Muffy in to groom. Do you think Mom let me help? Right. Mom forgot to get a “before” picture, but she remembers thinking that under all that hair there has to be a poodle. It took her two hours to find the poodle, though. Muffy is also a screamer. Speaking of screaming, I can hardly wait for Mom to let me tell you what Riley did at the vet. (he, he)



This morning Mom did a mini-groom on Dora the shih Tzu and Maggie the schnauzer. I’ve told you about them before.




Then a newer client asked if Mom could groom Daisy, her cockapoo. Of course Mom said, “Come on!” and there was one more dog I didn’t get to groom. *sad sigh*  Daisy will be one year old next month and her Mom is planning her a birthday party. I bet she would have been tons of fun to play with. Oh, wait. Maybe that’s why Mom won’t let me groom.

Daisy before groom
    Daisy after groom

Love and wiggles, Lucy


33 thoughts on “Grooming With(out) Lucy

  1. Oh, Lucy, I can just imagine you with scissors in one paw and the shaver in the other just trimming away. Wait a minute. Now that I’m really getting that mental picture in focus I’m pretty sure I know exactly why your mom doesn’t let you assist with grooming. 😉

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  2. Your Mom does SUCH a good job with the groomers, but I understand wanting to help. Mom won’t let ME sweep up the kibbles that sometimes bounce off the floor and go under the stove where the dust bunny family lives.

    Abby Lab

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  3. Kenzie the Westie got fired by his groomer. It appears that he thought there was always a fire in the goomer’s face and he put it out with the only equipment he had handy.

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  4. Great work as always. We love seeing the before and after pictures. Don’t feel insulted, L. Playing is not grooming. Grooming is much tougher and if you take time out to play, fewer doggies would get their gorgeousness on.

    Love and licks,

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  5. Ah sweet girl, I’m sorry you can’t help, could you maybe have Dad time when Mom is grooming the pups? ~ cuddles Margret

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    1. I wish! Dad got a job part time out of the house. Then he got another job full time out of the house. So now I hardly ever see him. 😦 Riley finally got out of bed and we played. 🙂


    1. I know, right? She said Lexi wasn’t allowed to help either, and Lexi usually did everything. So I am trying to not take it personally.


    1. She was looking out the door hoping her Mom would reappear. While I agree with you about Lucy, not all peeps see a dog that resembles a pit bull as a good thing.

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