Lucy and Riley at the Vet

A week or two ago – I have trouble keeping up with time – Dad took me and my beau Riley to the vet. I had bumps on my upper lip and under my chin.  Mom had already asked Mr. Google, but didn’t think what I had looked like that pappy stuff. Concerned about tumors, my pawrents decided a vet visit was in order. Since Riley was almost due for his vaccinations, and had been scratching himself silly over fleas he got at someone else’s house, and had been off of heartworm protection all summer, Dad made him go too.

First it was my turn. This was a different vet for me. Dad said Dr. Karen was the lady who took good care of Lexi and gave her a cute puncture for whatever was wrong with her leg. Dr. Karen does a lot of what’s called East Turn medicine, and her husband is a dogtor there too for everything not East Turn. Everyone was so nice to me and I was very, very good. Turns out I really do have that pappy stuff, so Dr. Karen told Dad to just give me some L-Lysine pills for a month or two and it would go away. Then it was Riley’s turn. I am embarrassed to tell you  what he did. OK, I am going to tell you anyway. Oh, and Dad wasn’t able to get any pictures. You’ll understand why in a moment. Instead, I am borrowing some pictures from Mr. Google to illustrate my point.

First, Riley begged them not to do anything to him.

Then, Riley saw the tech pick up a needle and he screamed like a banshee.

Riley got so worked up that my Dad told them to put a muzzle on him. My guy is strong, and he was throwing himself all over the room with all his strength to try to get away.
My Dad and three vet techs were holding him to try to steal some blood, and the lady with the needle still stuck herself instead of Riley. I was like…

I just didn’t know what to think. They finally got some of Riley’s blood and he doesn’t have any heartworms. I sure hope they tested his blood, and not the vet tech’s.

Then it started all over again when the tech got the rabies shot ready. And once again, I was like…

Everyone was relieved that he wasn’t getting any more shots. Later, while we laid in bed and watched TV with Andrew, I asked Riley why he acted like that. He said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, woman.”

I am sure I didn’t imagine it… right Dad?

Love and wiggles, Lucy

31 thoughts on “Lucy and Riley at the Vet

  1. That was sum Vet visit you two had!! Mee hopess Riley iss over thee shock an trust mee Lucy hee iss just tryin to bee a mandoggie! Best NOT to menshun what happened at thee Vet’ss OK???
    ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~

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  2. Aw sweet Lucy…you are a very brave girl. Glad your bumps aren’t too serious and hopefully they’ll be gone in no time. There just aren’t any words about your BFF, Riley. Too funny. Boys always seem to be such drama queens, don’t they? [Sam just rolled his eyes at me with that]
    Your fur-iend,

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  3. Sounds like you had a very EXCITING visit at the Mr Vetmans Lucy
    But you two sure look cute snuggled up there watching the TeeVees
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

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  4. glad the vet gave you a magic potion and all bumps are history soon :o) to tell the truth, I acted like your Riley at the vet….I mean they have needles and such stuff… and on the other hand… the wilder I act the more treats come out of the pocket of the mama… that#s an argument hehehe

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  5. Don’t get mad, Riley, but our mom was laughing hysterically abut your visit at the doctor’s house! You sound just like our angel Shakespeare, who even though he was a cat, thought he was a dog. Must be the air in our house ‘cuz both of us think we’re dogs, too. Anyway, we’re glad your vet visit is over and we hope you can both recover and not have dogmares about it.
    Stereo purrs……….Hemingway and Steinbeck

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    • I won’t tell Riley you were laughing at him. I don’t know what it’s like to be a cat, but being a dog is a good thing, usually, unless you are with Riley at the vet. ~Lucy

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    • Riley distracted them so much that they forgot to give us cookies. 😦 I liked it there and want to go see everyone again — without Riley! ~Lucy


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