Here and Gone Again by Lucy

Early in the morning last Friday, right after Mom gave me my breckies, she packed the car and left. She took both my peeps brothers and my Auntie Jen – who I had just met! – with her. 87 hours later she sent this picture to Dad’s phone to let him know she got to wherever she was going:

Dad said Mom went to a place called Floorida. So here I was with no Mom, and Riley with no Dad. Dad replied to Mom with this picture of poor pitiful us. I wonder if it made her want to come home.

Dad claimed to be sad and neglected too, but I think it was just to make us feel better. After all, he did fix this for his supper:


And finished up with this:

Mom didn’t send any food pictures, but she did send some restaurant pictures to Dad. Everyone but Mom ate a lot of alligator. They said it tastes like chicken. I wonder where I can get me some alligator…

After 87 days, Mom came back home. I think it was Sunday. Now both Mom and Dad are packing their suitcases. And brother Andrew just left. I am worried. Who is going to feed me? And pet me? I am not going to let Mom out of my sight!

I will let you know if I survive.

Love and wiggles, Lucy

32 thoughts on “Here and Gone Again by Lucy

  1. I totally understand you… mom is mom and dad can’t be the mama… even when he tries to bribe me with snacks from the table and wild ideas…. maybe you can put a tracker on your mom’s leg so you can watch her efurry time?

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  2. I hope you got your share of the wonderful dinner Dad made?
    Try climbing in the suitcases, it’s what I do when the peeps start packing and then they might take you wiv them
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

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    • No share, but he doesn’t ask for any of my raw beef or chicken and eggs and coconut oil, either. So I think that’s OK. Um, I am bigger than the suitcase, I think.


  3. Oh Sweet Pup, kudos to you and Riley for the sad faces. They are awesome as are the sad faces that you are wearing while following Mom. Not sure if thry worked on Mom but they sure worked on me! By the way Dad’s dinner looked really good. Packing again huh, I bet you get to go with. Can’t wait to find out. Cuddles, Margret

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  4. You’re right, L. It DOES look like your daddy did OK on his own. TWO baked potatoes! That’s a sure sign. Maybe you are going along with them this time….. That would be super fun! Road trip!

    Love and licks,

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  5. Oh Lucy………..don’t worry about your Mom. She will never leave you alone for a super long time. Our mom goes out on what she calls “road trips” and she always comes back. We act mad for a little bit but soon all is forgotten.
    We think you look really great in your pictures!
    Stereo purrs………Hemingway and Steinbeck

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