There were no zombies. Or flesh-eating bacteria. Or anything else gross. Just an eerie twilight. The house got so dark we couldn’t move around without bumping into things – Mom didn’t think about turning on lights in the house at 2:30 in the afternoon. But outside it looked like that magical time of day, the time when the sun has transitioned below the horizon but there is still some light left in the air. The time when we look out the window to see if there are any tiny fairies dancing in our yard or unexplained movements in the woods around our house. The time when the last twinkle of diamonds disappears from the ripples on the lake. It’s Mom’s favorite time of the day. But yesterday, the sun wasn’t dipping below the horizon; it was almost directly overhead. Mom took some pictures of the sun (without looking right at it), as well as a couple of the house to track the change in the amount of light. Mom forgot to switch the phone camera from auto, so the two of the house look the same and don’t show the dimness of the light. In these pictures, the position of the sun in the sky means nothing more than Mom didn’t notice where she had the sun framed, since she wasn’t looking at it.

Dad took a slo-mo video, but he isn’t sharing yet. Oh, OK Mom. She said Dad is too busy at work. We’ll see how that turns out and show it to you if it’s any good.

In the meantime, to add some real interest, here are two pictures of things me and Riley do that Mom thinks is odd or funny. I like to hold paws/hands with Mom. And Riley likes to slither off the couch, sometimes stopping midway.

Love and wiggles, Lucy



25 thoughts on “Post-eclipse

  1. We enjoyed the eclipse here in Nati City also. We found the crescent shapes like through a prism magical like a Pollyanna glad tidings thing that the moon made going over the sun on our new poured cement driveway. The only thing in nature that seemed odd was all the hummingbirds that come to our feeders gathered on our front porch and sat on our railing rather than in the trees. Even with us sitting on the porch the little birds stayed.
    Have a great day.
    Sweet William The Scot

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  2. Your eclipse photos are brilliant, why dogs have such funny habits keep me wondering ~ K9 reverses up to the couch and parks his bottom leaving his front paws on the floor …I’m never quick enough with the camera to catch him in action LOL
    Looking forward to the eclipse video x

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  3. I do such pit-stops to when I leave the couch… the mama wonders why dogs do such things… but I will keep that secret… like Riley ;o)
    we saw nothing from the eclipse, like always… I live on the wrong side of da big pond… sigh…

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    • It seems that you had to “go to a high place” to see the total eclipse because the sun was sinking below the horizon at that point. If we had thought, Phenny, maybe you could have swam over here and we would have bought you your own eclipse glasses. 🙂


  4. MOL…holding paws is cool…I do that with mom and then I bite her if she doesn’t remove her hand quickly. I’m not a play thing you know! I like the slithering off the chesterfield…The inside of Riley’s legs will feel cool that way.

    Happy your family got to see the eclipse. Sorry, there were no zombie though. What a post that would make.


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    • Shoko, you really shouldn’t bite the hand that holds yours. I see peeps who are in love hold hands, so I feel loved and secure when Mom holds my paw. I was pretty relieved there were no zombies or werewolves or anything. Even though I would have tried to protect Mom, I would have been really scared. I think I really need my brains.


  5. Lucy, Tell mom her pictures of the eclipse are awesome! The shots of you and Riley are great too. Tell Riley I like to slide off the couch the same way thst he does. ~ nose nudges Bonnie Pup

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  6. Your eclipse was better than ours. It never got dark here, even though 71% of the sun was covered. Mom left me belly up on the couch and went out with her special glasses to watch the sun and moon do their thing. She said I had to stay inside in case I start searching for blimps in the sky and burn my face off or something.

    Love and licks,

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    • 97% of the sun was supposed to be covered here, but it never got really dark like I thought it would. I am glad you didn’t burn your face off, Cupcake.


  7. Nice pics, Lucy. Riley is sure a hoot half way on, half way off the sofa. It got dark enough that mom had to turn the lights on. She felt bad for the roofers on the house a few doors down that had to work in the eery light. I think she thought they might fall off the tall pitched roof.
    Your fur-iend,

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