Lucy with Dog Hair

This afternoon, Lucy with dog hairwhile I was minding my own business, half laying in the sun – which is very appropriate for a SUNday afternoon – this is the conversation going on around me: (Mom= pink, Dad=blue, Me=whatever this color is.

Lucy has dog hair on her.

Of course she does, she’s a dog.

No, I mean it isn’t her hair. 

Then whose hair is it?

It’s Riley’s. This place is a dog hair pit.

Mom, what are you doing?

I took a picture of you in front of the chair whose leg you chewed the third week you lived here…and we still kept you.

Let me see that picture. Oh no, it makes my butt look big. Don’t let Riley see it.

The things I put up with.

Love and wiggles, Lucy



35 thoughts on “Lucy with Dog Hair

      • Lucy gets a spoon of coconut oil every night with her supper. I usually drop it on top of her steamed greens, and drop her pre and pro biotics into it. She eats it right after her raw egg, and before her meat. And no, I haven’t see any improvement in the shedding, and no, it doesn’t seem to be seasonal. Of course, it is a bit hard to tell with Riley here, too. You’ve got me thinking, though. Guess I’ll start giving him some every night too. He does like it, and he is a very picky eater.


  1. I know that angle all too well! My bestie’s human calls me a pot bellied pig!!!! How rude!!! But I think you look great Lucy! Sometimes I have white/blonde hairs on me too (from my furbrother Keiko) BOL!

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  2. When my family had a Samoyed Husky years ago, someone took up all the extra hair and put it in a shopping bag and taped it to the steering wheel of my 86 Buick with a note on it that said “Drivers Side HAIR bag”.

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  3. We sure understand about dog hair. There’s enough pup hair around here to make the 4th golden retriever My Margret keeps talking about. ~ nose nudges Bonnie pup

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