Lucy’s Summer Vacation

Today I am joining my friends in Blogville to tell what I did on my summer vacation. You can visit everyone else by going to Mayor Arty’s blog and clicking on the link. My mom is too stupid busy to know how to put the linky link on my blog.

On my summer vacation, I…

did NOT get to ride on the pontoon boat like Angel Lexi used to – Mom sold it. Or…

star in a play like Angel Lexi used to. Or…

run for mayor like, well, you know. Or…

even start a new career making other dogs look pretty, like my Mom does.

But I DID…

Go with my Dad to visit my Lucy looking up at grandma croppedGrandma.









PicMonkey Collage (1)

stay with my goodest friend Ms. Martha while my peeps went somewhere without me.

Lucy-Riley after playinghave a great time hanging out with my boyfriend Riley!

Focus on the positive, and your life will be wiggly diggly good.

Love and wiggles, Lucy

30 thoughts on “Lucy’s Summer Vacation

    1. I do! I wanted to stay with my Grandma, and she wanted me to stay, but Dad said she isn’t able to take care of me and him and Mom would miss me too much. So I went back home from IL to my family in TN.

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  1. We think that is a pretty awesome way to spend the summer!! The scuttlebut around here is that we will also get to take care of a new puppy by next summer…We can’t wait!!
    Arty & Jakey

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  2. But Lucy just look at you and Grandma, you two are just having the most amazing time! AND, you got to spend time with Riley….I have to say Lucy, it looks like a pawsome summer to me!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

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