Foodie Friday

Mom bought pork ribs and froze them for two weeks to make them safe for me to eat. They are ready now, and what do we eat with pork? Sauerkraut! I tried it for the first time this week and all I can woof is YUM! (I had an apple core, too, but I ate that from Mom’s hand as my appie tizer.

                                      Before…feed me, feed me, feed me!
                                    During…nom, nom, nom

I gobble up my coconut oil first. It’s my favorite. I even like the pre- and pro-biotic pills Mom drops in it. I know they are good for me, too.

                                   After…can I please have more?

Riley surprised us all by eating sauerkraut from Mom’s hand. (He’s a very picky eater.) He didn’t eat the sauerkraut she put in his bowl, though, so when I got back in the house I ran over and helped him out with that.

I love my raw diet.

Love and wiggles. ~ Lucy

15 thoughts on “Foodie Friday

    1. Dad was worried the sauerkraut would do that to me, but it didn’t. I used to be real “gassy” too until I went on the raw diet. Now no one runs away holding their nose. ~Lucy


    1. No, freezing kills the stuff in pork and salmon that makes it unsafe to eat raw. Raw bones are safe when the dog or cat is on a raw diet. Their stomach acid ph is the same as vinegar and digests the bones. Carbs and cooked food changes the stomach acid to more alkaline, so then it isn’t good to give bones. Also, we never feed cooked bones, as they are the ones that will splinter and hurt the pups and kits.


    1. Probably, Kissie. It kills whatever is in the pork and salmon that makes it unsafe to eat raw – for dogs. I don’t know about for birds or people.


    1. Mom uses it to “pull” in her teeth. She does it for 20 minutes and says it removes all the bad bacteria in her mouth. I don’t mind sharing…our supply never runs out, thanks to Mr. Amazon.


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