Happy National Black Dog Day!

Thanks to Mia the Pibble for including Lucy in her great Black Dog Day post!

It's a Pibble's Life!

It’s October 1st and that means it’s National Black Dog day! What a great pet holiday to bring awareness to all the black dogs out there and help break the stereotype!

IMG_8719 (1)

Why on earth would black dogs have their own holiday you ask? Did you know that black dogs are one of the hardest dogs to find homes for? It’s true! On top of that..if you’re a black dog and a bully breed (or any breed considered “dangerous”) finding a forever home could be an impossible mission!


Reasons for potential adopters overlooking black dogs could be superstitions, negative labels or fear. Lots of humans are scared of me when they see me walking in the off leash trails or even on the street when I am on leash! They look at me like I am going to jump up and attack them (maybe with kisses!..). I don’t know why anyone…

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18 thoughts on “Happy National Black Dog Day!

  1. hello lucy its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow happy black dog day!!! i did not no black dogs had there own day if i had nown that i wood hav gottin my sister trixie a prezzent evry yeer!!! she wuz a littel bit brown too but she wuz mostly almost entirely black!!! ok bye

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