Dear Diary by …

The Last Picture of Me at My First Home

Dear Diary,

I, once called The Female with the Yellow Collar, just had my whole world turned upside down. I should have known something was up yesterday when The Woman took me away from all my puppy siblings and friends – and oh, we were having a grand ol’ time in our playpen – and put a pretty colored thingy on my body. She let me run around the house some, dragging a long thing attached to what I learned was called a hardness (probably because it is hard to get out of), then kept me in a wire kennel away from my buddies.

Come around supper time, a New Woman came to our door and The Woman let me go outside to meet her. I liked her right away, so I wanted to show her what I could do. I ran as fast as I could in big circles around the yard, stopping to sniff the grass and the bushes and anything else that caught my interest. Sometimes I would rip leaves off a bush, just to show it who was boss, or grab some grass and tear it out of the ground, slinging it over my shoulder. Pretty soon I forgot about the New Woman and just ran and played for the sheer joy of it. I bounced up and down and inside of me I was laughing.

    My Boring Brother

I was brought in the house and put in the wire kennel while one of my brothers went outside with The Woman and The New Woman.

He’s so boring, he just did his potty, sniffed around, and wanted The New Woman to hold him. I don’t know why he got a cookie for just doing that.

The next thing I knew, the Womans were talking and signing papers and giving each other stuff and I got put into a kennel in the back seat of the New Woman’s car. It was a little scary, ’cause I had never been in a car before this. We drove for about 87 hours – the New Woman said it was only 3 hours, but I am not sure about that – and I slept most of the way. Except, of course for when my tummy got sick and then I had to pee pee.

     When I First Met Lucy

When we got to the New Woman’s house, a Man took the kennel out of the car and told The New Woman that I had gone pee pee all over the pillow and there was throw up there, too. He left the room while The New Woman gave me a bath. I was shivering, mostly from fear, but I was a little cold too, so The New Woman wrapped me up in a soft towel and took me upstairs to The Man. He held me and called me Littlest One and made me feel safe.

I was getting sleepy – after all, the sun had gone away a zillion hours ago – when I got another surprise. A gigantic dog suddenly appeared and sniffed me! She told me her name is Lucy and asked me my name and why I was here in her Dad’s lap. I said, “My name is either The Female with the Yellow Collar or Littlest One.” I didn’t really know, but thought I should answer her. I told her, ” I’m here because The New Woman brought me here. And don’t ask me anything else, ’cause I’m just as confused as you.” When The Man put me down for Lucy to see me better, Lucy ran and hid in The Man’s office. That’s where I heard The New Woman say she was, anyhow. Then I listened to The Man and The New Woman talk about where I was to sleep. The New Woman wanted me to sleep in the bed with them. The Man said he had heard too many horror stories about what could happen. So The Man won and I was put in the cleaned kennel where I could see The New Woman. I had a special blue and yellow blanket that used to belong to someone named Angel Lexi, and a big soft toy to cuddle with. Lucy was still all scared, so The Man and The New Woman let her sleep with them. I guess she is too big for the horror things to happen to her. I fell off to sleep wondering what new surprises would happen tomorrow.

I guess that’s it for now, Dear Diary. I think I will have lots more to write about very soon. Note to self: ask The New Woman if Littlest One is my new name. ~Me


36 thoughts on “Dear Diary by …

    • Hi Mia! (Mommy told me your name.) Lucy’s not afraid of me anymore. I’m a bit afraid of her ’cause she’s so big. Mommy says she just wants me to play with her. She runs and jumps over me!!

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      • BOL! I totally get it Xena! Sometimes I don’t know my own strength and I knock over my best friend who is twice my size! She’s a standard poodle. But don’t worry Xena, you will grow bigger and stronger and faster (especially with your great raw diet!) and then Lucy won’t even be able to catch up! (Shhh…don’t tell her I said that! BOL!)

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  1. Hello ‘Little One’. You sure are a beauty.
    Sorry I did not visit sooner. My Burmese man cat is very sick so I missed many blog posts!
    Your new Mumm mentioned to Siddhartha Henry an myself there is a ‘new puppy’ in her house so me had to come meet you.
    Your new friends, Sherri-Ellen aka LadyMum ❤ & Purrince Siddhartha Henry ❤

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    • And I can’t wait to watch your Rose grow and thrive with you and her brothers. 🙂 I thought about both our losses when I got this pup and hoped that your Rose would help your hearts heal.


  2. We are so happy for you and your family. You have lucked out little one. Amy will be a wonderful mom to you and her husband will be a great dad. Try not to annoy your big sister. That is from Shelby. Sophie is still annoying her.

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    • We were ready, but thought it would happen in the spring from Lexi’s breeder. She told me this other great breeder had puppies ready, so I drove down only half expecting to find what we wanted…and got a great girl!


  3. Littlest One, you are simply adorable. You have the best mom and dad any pup could ask for. Your big sister Lucy is awesome and will teach you many fun things. I can’t wait to learn more about your adventures with your new family. ~love and cuddles Margret

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