First, a huge THANKS to Annette from A Dog Tales who surprised me with the wonderfully artistic new header. So no one gets left out, I am going to use it when Xena is posting, and use another new one I am making (not nearly as good as this one) when it is Lucy or someone else. Now more woofs from Xena…

I am innocent of all charges, Your Honor.

Woof! Lucy has gotten used to me and is trying to kill me. Really! You have to hear this! I was in the bathroom with my Mommy when Lucy came up and I heard this loud “thump” sound. She had thrown herself at me with her front legs flat on the floor and her bee hind up in the air. I must have jumped 87 inches! Whew. I just got over that scare when Mommy takes us both outside. Lucy is running all over the yard doing zoomies. Next thing I know, she is running straight at me. Yikes! I ducked down and she leaped right over me!! OK, so now that everyone knows (I am finding out this weeby feet thing is useful after all) she will not be able to get away with murder, so she might as well stop trying.

I went on a long car ride again, but not nearly as long as when Mommy adopted me. I met my other peeps brother, Adam. Adam was very nice to me and held me like I was made out of china or crystal, or something else that would break. If Lucy hasn’t broken me yet, I don’t think my peeps brothers will. We went out for milkshakes at a place called Sonic, and there was puppy abuse going on: I didn’t even get one bite! The sun went down before we headed home, and I was a very sleepy Princess Warrior.

Are we there yet?

Oh! Oh! Oh! I have to tell you something else! I love to eat and and always lick my food dish clean, which isn’t news since I am a schnauzer. But Lucy’s food smelled so much better than my puppy kibble. So, you will never guess what I got for supper last night! Chicken! A real, live, raw, dead chickie wing! Mommy held it while I figured out how to chew it properly. Then I got pieces of a real, live, raw, dead chicken boobie. I wouldn’t eat the pumpkin or anything else Mommy gave me…I just wanted more chickie. After that, I thought Mommy’s finger was a chickie wing and tried to eat it. In my defense, it looked a lot the same and was in attached to her hand. So today, Mommy took me outside and let me have another chickie wing; but, this time she let me work on it all by myself while she snoopervised.  I chewed and chewed and chewed some more and I ate the whole thing all by myself. Woof! Then I came in and ate some more chickie boobie and a little bit of coconut oil, but I didn’t want the egg or anything else. Mommy said I get to eat just this one meat pro team for a week, then we can move on to something else. I wonder how long a week will take…

And you know what else? I got to snoopervise right back while Mommy groomed a dog. The doggie’s Mommy is real nice and she held me during the whole groom so that I could see and snoopervise better. Isn’t it funny that doggie’s Mommy and my Mommy have the same name – Mommy?

This whole blogging thing can be very tiring. I have so much more to tell you. *yawn*

I am Xena the Schnauzer Warrior Princess.


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  1. Oh the fun of learning how to live a puppy’s world. Don’t worry little Princess…I’m sure you’ll be able to give your sister some well placed ankle bites in no time. And how ironic, my mom’s name is Mommy too! Have fun, sweet girl.
    Your fur-iends,
    Sam & Elsa 🐾

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  2. Xena, it must have been that Turkey,Duck and Quail diet your Grammy had you on that gave you the craving for a raw chicken wing. You’re Aunty Ann will be so proud when I tell her your great accomplishment. My first Raw Puppy! I can’t wait for all of your firsts. Thank your Mommy for me for being a very special Lady.
    Luv and Nose Kisses

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    • Hi Grammy! I wasn’t sure about the chickie at first. I licked it a long time and started pulling the skin at the edges. But I figured it out and now I am just like my big sister Lucy. And I ate my pumpkin and and coconut and some kale today, too! *puppy kisses* Xena


  3. Oh Xena we think Lucy is just so excited to have a new Sister she gets carried away.
    And you travel so well. Siddhartha Henry likes to howl & growl on road trips. He is NOT the travelling kind at all!!!
    I’m filling in for him while he gets more R & R…rest & relaxation….
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen aka LadyMum 🙂 & *paw patsss* Siddhartha Henry xXx

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    • Hi LadyMum! Do you really think that is it? I think I will believe that instead of that she is trying to kill me. It makes me feel better. ~Xena, still the Warrior Princess


  4. Well done, X. I think you are very brave chewing a chicken wing. I hate chewing, and enjoy swallowing things whole. Mom soaks my kibbles in warm water so I don’t upchuck them. She says I am more like a kitten than a doggie.

    Love and licks,

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    • Like a kitten, he, he, that’s funny. Daddy says Lucy swallows her chicken legs whole. I hope I get big enough to do that some day, but for now it is lots of fun to crunch the little bones. It didn’t take me very long, either!


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