My First Day at Work

I never knew that puppies had to go to work. Apparently, since Mommy works at a church, I have to start young as a trainee. Maybe some day I will get to work on the ‘puter and help with the church web feet site. For now, I just have to 1. Look cute and 1. Behave myself (I am working on my counting skills.) I got an A+ on both my jobs!

                 How is this for cute?

I got to go outside to watch how Mommy puts letters on a big sign.

I didn’t know work was so much work, and had to take a morning nap.

A lady who told me her name is Beth came into our office place. Her eyes got big and her face lit up and she held me and pet me. I started shaking because I was afraid Mommy was going to give me away. Mommy felt bad and promised me that she would never, ever, cross her heart, give me away. She said I am an important part of the family now and that she and Daddy love me very much.

Then me and Mommy went back outside to eat our lunches. I had some of my real, live, fresh, dead chickie breast.

What are YOU eating, Mommy? That leaf looks like it tastes good.

       Wait, is that a bug?

Can I have some Mommy, Huh, huh? Pleeeease?

I worked hard again after lunch. We went up and down stairs and back and forth in the hallway about 87 times. It was finally time for my afternoon nap, and boy oh boy did I ever need it!

Mommy is very proud of me and I am going to get extra blueberries tonight. I was a very, very, very good girl (and only did my potty outside).

I am Xena, the Schnauzer Warrior Princess

39 thoughts on “My First Day at Work

  1. Well I finks you did a pawsome job Xena, well done, no wonder you were tired and had to nap. And, errrrr…..did the leaf and bug combo work, were they tasty?
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

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  2. Hey Xena! Nice to meets you! I came overs from Murphy & Stanley’s bloggie, and I just can’t believes how cute you are! I hear from some good sources that you found one PAWSOME home! I hopes you got lots of that chickens, they are my favs! Good work today Xena, I thinks you are gonna loves that job!
    Ruby ♥

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  3. Your first day at work sounds exhausting! Good thing you were allowed to take naps. My mom wanted me to tell you to ask your mom to take more pics of her holding you. She said she can’t tell how tiny you are in that bed all by yourself.*ear licks* Noodle

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