Xena’s Second Day at Work

By request, here are Xena’s stats with a “comparative” picture.

Height 11 inches ( 28 cm)

Length same as height

Weight 9 lb (4 kg).

D.O.B. June 21, 2017

Color: Salt and Pepper

Now, back to the main attraction:


I was a lot more relaxed at work today. My new friend came back and I wasn’t scared at all.

Hi Miss Beth!

Pthhh. Go away, Mommy, I have a new holder. Wait! That’s far enough.

I even helped a lot today.

I pulled up grass weeds.

I disposed of stray sticks.

All day, Mommy kept asking me questions, like, “Xena, where are you?” and “Xena! What are you eating?” and “Oh my, where did you get that?” Mommy must think I know a lot to be asking me so much. I wonder who answered all her work questions before I became her trainee.

Finally, it was nap time.

Stop pointing that flashy thing at me.

After naptime and lunchtime, Mommy let me try out my ‘puter skills.

First, I thought I would try the chin typing tek neek that Lucy uses.

But I found that it was better to use my paw.

Hey! Why’s that card hanging there? Just let me..

At that point, Mommy said that was quite enough ‘puter work for one day. I decided to help some more by being the shredder. But Mommy says that’s a story for another day. It’s almost supper time and then I want to take a nap in my Daddy’s lap.

I am Xena the Schnauzer Warrior Princess and Church Dog in Training

31 thoughts on “Xena’s Second Day at Work

  1. When my humom saw your cute belly photo she squealed and wanted to rub it! I’m not gonna lie I’m a little jealous that she wants to rub another puppy’s belly but you ARE pretty darn cute so I’ll let it pass! Looks like you’re getting the hang of work really quickly! You are one smart pup!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow Xena you are sooo helpful in the office how did you learn all those tek neeks so quickly!! You are one VERY smart Warrior Princess
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a great help you are Xena! I didn’t know you were a month older than me..that must be why Mama hasn’t let me try out my computer skills yet. The furthest I’ve gotten is nibbling on the corner of her yaptop!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Rosy! My Grammie [breeder] won’t let any of her puppies go before we are almost 4 months old. Keep nibbling. You’ll eventually make it to the keyboard and what fun you will have then!


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