Wrap Up the Week Work Day

I’ll just hold onto my new Hedgehog my peeps brother gave me.

I don’t know why we have to leave the house so early or why I don’t get breckies before we leave or why I have to stay in this basket in the car or even why we have to ride in the car. The car still scares me a tiny bit.

I decided to help in new ways at work today. This paper that’s taped to the floor does not belong there. I worked for a long time trying to remove it.

 It’ taking so long ’cause this stupid tape keeps sticking to my tongue.

I’m doing something called “teething” and I tried to chew up the desk in the other room and pulled a paper thing called an envelope out of a box and chewed it up and started chewing up a box, and, well, I did not quite do a Phenny destruction, but I sure was trying.  This morning, Mommy did something terrible! She put up this thing to block me from going into the other office, and I did not like that at all!

Let me in, Let me out, Let me in! 

Puleeeeease, let me out or in?

I hear we are going somewhere fun this weekend. In the meantime, Mommy promised Lucy she could be the blog star tomorrow. I am sure I will have lots more adventures to share soon!

I am Xena, the Schnauzer Princess Warrior


24 thoughts on “Wrap Up the Week Work Day

  1. Mee-you do not panick Xena….sumtimess it iss better to bee on thee side of thee gate you are on. Sumtimess there are fingss what could scare you on thee other side……
    Maybee you needss a kewlin teethin chewy toy Xena? There are good oness inn thee pet storess an then you could enjoy a kewl chew that wood soothe yur teethss!!!
    Considerin all you’ve dun this week you dun pawsum.
    Have a fun weekend!
    ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha henry aka Purrince Henry~~

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  2. Oh nose, I do hate it when doors are closed and you can’t roam free…that gate fence would drive me nuts as well! Surely us PRINCESS’s should have access to ALL areas?????
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

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  3. Oh I hope you will become a pawfect “car-pet” soon… we need that rolling cage to drive to the park or the lake or the ocean… The mama remembers the teething time with horror… she said she never had a dog who damaged so much stuff … is that a compliment? ….ummmm… I think so…

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  4. Good for you showing that envelope who was boss!
    FYI Pens are good for teething too so are mechanical pencils. 🙂 ~ nose nudges Bonnie Pup

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  5. Don’t give up Xena. You’ve got to train them when you’re young. I can’t say I have completely succeeded with Mum, she still goes out without me, but she knows I want to be with her all the time. She calls me a velcro-dog whatever that means. I guess it’s a compliment 😉

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