Me and My Sister

Hi, it’s me, Lucy. I hope you haven’t forgotten me. I was wondering if I would ever get to write on my our blog again. Tonight will make one whole entire week that Xena has been my sister, and a new puppy in the house changes everything. I didn’t know what to think when I first met the puppy, so I ran into Dad’s office where all the good pondering and calming gets done. Mom said I was scared. Doesn’t she know I run into the closet – not the office – when I am scared? Anyhoo, after I thought about this puppy thing for awhile I decided I would see if she would be a good toy playmate. I found her in the bathroom with Mom and plopped down into the play position. Nope, she just hid, shaking, behind Mom’s legs. Things kinda’ just kept going like that all week.  Sometimes Mom would give me Xena’s food bowl to finish up her kale and whatever else she didn’t want. Just as I would lean in to take a bite Xena would run over and stick her head in the bowl, acting like she wanted it. I would stand back and wait, like a good bully girl. Thinking she had won, she would walk away, and I would clean up her leftovers. Other times when I tried to play with her she actually growled at me. Can you believe that? So I would just go over to Riley and get him to play with me.   All week I tried really hard, and nothing seemed to change.

Finally, last night, Mom and Dad dropped onto the couch, exhausted, in front of the TV to watch a silly Netflix show. (Mommy said to tell you she really does have on blue jean shorts; they just got covered up with her hoodie and us.) Maybe it was just because we were all relaxed together, something magical seemed to happen.

                        Me and my sister

Love and wiggles, Lucy

Note from the whole household: You have been seeing Xena’s new header by Annette (A Dog Tales), who is a graphic artist extraordinaire. Again, a very special thanks to her for the beautiful and delightful headers of Lucy and our dearest Angel Lexi.

29 thoughts on “Me and My Sister

  1. hello lucy its dennis the vizsla dog hay yoo shoor ar beeing a gud sister to yore noo sister xena!!! i reemember beeing skayrd wen i wuz noo and my brother tucker and sister trixie wer both verry gud with me and mayd me feel komfortabul so beeleev me xena appreesheeyayts it and i bet that is why yoo ended the week with those nice snuggels!!! and do not wurry we wil never forgit abowt yoo!!! ok bye

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  2. Nice to get to hear from you Lucy!! I was starting to miss you!

    Those headers are SOOOOOOOOO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How do I get one???

    Xena is very lucky to have a big sister like you to teach her the ways! I’m glad you guys got settled in at the end with that cute cuddle session. I can’t wait to see you guys finally play together!

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    • I want that very much, Miss Toni. Mom just asked me to think back to when I came to live here and how new and kind of scary it all was for a while.We ran a zoomie through the yard together today!


  3. Lucy, nobody could forget you sweet girl! Xena is very lucky to have you for her big sister. I’m glad the week ended well. ~ love and cuddles Margret

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