Xena’s First Rocktoberfest

First, let me tell you about the ride up to the top of Lookout Mountain yesterday to a place called Rock City. It took 87 minutes or maybe a whole hour to get there and it is even in a different state called Georgia – where I was born. Mommy got me a dog car seat. She said it was to make us both safer in the car and that I would like it ’cause I would be able to see out the windows better. Well, here’s how that went:

Mommy? I still can’t see out.

Look, Mommy, it’s so low I can almost touch the seat.

Na, na, I can get out!

Wait! I’m stuck!

I’m exhausted. I think I lost this round.

Ahh, better.  Now I can see out!

Now, for my day at Rock City’s Rocktoberfest:

Mommy and I were sitting up close to all these things called instruments when suddenly, all at once, some people started blowing in them and hitting them and making a terribly loud racket. It scared me a whole lot, and I shook so hard I almost lost all my puppy teeth! Mommy carried me ways away from all that loud noise until I stopped shaking. A lot of people asked to pet me while Mommy carried me around the park. I got so distracted that I didn’t even notice that we were back in the place called a pa villa yawn where all the music was playing.

Daddy is the musician in the family, so he helped me play the Xena-sized accordion. 

Then Daddy used me as something called a “prop” and people came by to get their picture taken with me (and him).

Mommy had a beer drink called Octoberfest that smelled really good. I wasn’t fast enough to get any.

We went back into the pa villa yawn where Daddy taught a funny dance called poke-a. Poke a what? Don’t poke a sleeping bear, he, he, he. Then him and Mommy danced a poke-a and everyone clapped their hands. (I was glad they were done, too.)

So, I figured out the loud instruments weren’t going to kill me and that I have a silly Daddy. It was also my first time around sooooo many people, and I did really good with that. I missed both my morning naps and my first afternoon nap, so I mostly slept the rest of the time there. I am now a Rocktober Fest pup! Hey Mommy, when are we going back?

I am Xena, the Warrior Princess


29 thoughts on “Xena’s First Rocktoberfest

  1. hello xena its dennis the vizsla dog hay i got stuk in a handbag wunse too!!! it wuz the time tucker got shrunk down to pokket size and then things got a littel uhhh komplikayted!!! ennyway i am glad yoo had a gud time at the playse with the lowd instruments and the pokea my dada sez all he nos is the poke basik and a fyoo terns wotever that meens!!! ok bye

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    1. Hi Mia. This is Lucy’s Mom. Lucy HATES riding in car. She gets over it on a long trip, but for these 30 minute to an hour trips, she is a nervous wreck. So she had a good day at home with Riley and Andrew.

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      1. She did. And Xena still shakes when we start out in the car, but she’s young enough and will be going enough that I think (hope) she will get over it.


    1. Hi Patzy Kitty! I was sooo tired. Mommy was too, and even went to bed early without dinner (after she fed me and Lucy, of course). I want to go back again next weekend.:)


  2. OMD, Xena, that is one pawsome car seat! I likes it lots! I wish they made it in Airedale size, I would have lots of funs in that. I loves your Pops special shorts! Ma had a pair when she was a wee lass, butts they got lost somehow….sigh. So glads you got lots of loves at the Rocktober Fest place ~ I can sure see why peeps would wants to loves on you! Oh, and just thinks….next year, I thinks you will have figured out how to beat your Moms to her drinkie….BOL!
    Ruby ♥

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    1. Thanks, Purrince Henry. It took a while, but I finally got used to all the noise and people. I am very glad to hear you are starting to feel better. Nose nudges. ~Xena


    1. Miss Kissie, why don’t you just fly over and show me how to do that next Saturday. It’s up high on a mountain, so you won’t have to fly far down to the ground.


  3. What a wonderful and exciting day you had sweet Xena…oh and did I mention just how adorable you were in you car seat…or should I say THRONE????
    Loves and lucky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

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